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High-availability Metadata Cluster

Genesis HyperMDC Metadata ControllersThe Genesis HyperMDC is a metadata cluster designed for quick deployment in the most grueling of editing environments.

Scalable high-speed, highly-reliable storage

The Genesis HyperMDC storage adds a highly-reliable solution for the mission critical workflow that is looking to improve their green footprint with reduced power consumption without sacrificing any of the performance or reliability needed for demanding operations. Through the use of a power-efficient processor, the GDS3 autonomously controls the operating mode to reduce the power consumption of the entire system.

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HyperFS: File system management

HYPERFS SAN ManagementHyperFS is a scalable, high-availability, global file system supporting both block and file based protocols simultaneously to deliver both high-bandwidth SAN and dynamic, on-the-fly Scale-Out NAS functionality.

SAN clients and LAN clients simultaneously accessing the same data either by file level (via Scale-Out NAS) or block level (via SAN) using 16Gb/32Gb Fibre Channel, 1/10/25/40/100Gb ethernet, or ISCSI. This provides Windows, Mac, or Linux SAN-based editing clients with a way to share files using standard SMB, CIFS, or NFS protocols leveraging Genesis IAP integrated application server as a gateway to deliver Scale-Out NAS performance and enabling file-based workflows for LAN clients.

Integrated application platform

Small in size but huge in performance, the single rack unit Genesis HyperFS IAP, is the new standard 1U application server. Now partnered with the latest build out and build up version of HyperFS, the IAP platform is the only server for the job of providing metadata service for your HyperFS SAN.


Genesis HyperMDC - Metadata Controller Cluster

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