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Archive, HyperFS, Scale-Out NAS, and Application Servers

File-based workflow server

The Genesis IAP Series is developed for video, film and broadcast. The platform allows you to manage newly ingested footage, dynamically expand near-line and offline capacity and automatically migrate data based on policy.

Protect and preserve

Whether you are a relatively small post facility, a studio, or a major market broadcast facility, these solutions protect and preserve the content you create, manage or broadcast throughout all stages of your file-based workflow.

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Many solutions served by our Genesis IAP Series

  • East to install and support
  • Multiple interface options support SAS, 16 Gbps FC and 10 Gbps iSCSI
  • macOS, Windows, and Linux client connections


Scale-out NAS and file system management servers with optional HA configurations

EMAIL US for a quote. Or simply call 1-855-440-4678.