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Mission critical and reliable NAS storage and file server

High-performance data storage

The Genesis NX series of NAS and integrated storage server sub-systems provide customers with a competitive cost/GB. With the addition of our SAS attached JBOD expansion chassis, capacities can reach over 1PB with a maximum of 360TB in each mounted volume with 10TB drives.

Protect your data

The NX is an ideal addition to support your SAN environment as a redundant back-up option. Allow your production manager to relax knowing you are getting a 2nd instance of your data duplicated at night, and that if disaster strikes your production will continue.

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Features and Benefits of the Genesis NX

  • NDI™ Compliant
  • 1/10/40 GB NIC(s)
  • Built-in replication
  • Remote event notification
  • Simple installation
  • SMB, NFS, AFP, and FTP support
  • Redundant high-efficiency power supplies
  • Bonded ports
  • US-based phone support
  • Four hour technical support response and next business day parts exchange

Prosumer NAS versus NX “Server Class” NAS

As we look at the specifications of Prosumer NAS products, we see how NX is higher quality and more in a “server class” area of the product. Prosumer NAS does not have the level of HW and SW to perform like the NX. Genesis NX provides a longer, issue free life cycle of the product and more flexibility and higher data integrity.

    Prosumer limitations

  • Prosumer NAS typically use SATA drives and the Genesis NX only uses Enterprise SAS Drives
  • Prosumer NAS typically may have 2GB of RAM and other Prosumers are also low in RAM, Genesis NX comes standard with at least 64GB of RAM. SMB loves RAM and the more that is in the cache RAM, the faster the NX will appear to the users
  • Prosumer NAS typically offer very limited scalability, NX using JBOD expansion can expand a single share to 1PB
  • Prosumer NAS typically uses a windows operating system, Genesis NX uses a “locked down” Linux Kernel OS. That makes the NX more stable and less prone to security threats than a Windows-based NAS
  • Prosumer NAS support is mostly self-support or week-long SLA’s. Our HW and SW warranty comes with 24 hour parts turnaround, and we have a dedicated US and EU based support team. Using remote support tools to assist dial in support situations, the NX can be trusted in business critical areas.
  • The Genesis NX solves problems

  • Genesis NX has widely deployed Spotlight for Mac users allowing a smart switch away from AFP protocol used on aging Mac infrastructure.
  • Genesis NX has macOS Finder speed enhancements allowing thumbnails, folder listing, and browsing to be much faster for the users.
  • Built-in lights out management through IPMI including remote KVM is standard in all models of Genesis NX, making co-location or system administration easy from any location
  • Genesis NX has built-in snapshots for data protection ensures you could go “back in time” to retrieve a lost file or protect your data
  • Built-in volume or file and folder replication for sync to another NX device for disaster recovery purposes
  • Genesis NX has security patch release schedules – more secure for discerning IT departments (periodically tested by the Navy for security audit pass/fail)
  • Genesis NX has extended support for joining LDAP and large AD environments. We have NX joined to some of the largest and complex AD deployments in the world.
  • Genesis NX has remote fault notification including email and SNMP
  • Genesis NX only uses RAID6 with or without hot Spare HDD (RAID5 not recommended)
  • Genesis NX has JBOD expansion on the fly (add the JBOD live, build the new RAID6 set, slide the NAS size slider bigger – done)
  • Genesis NX has higher performance SMB settings that are ideal for large file transfers
  • Upgrades to 10 or 40Gbps Ethernet is capable with all models of NX

The Genesis NX can be used as a low-cost network appliance, a typical NAS file server, iSCSI host or target, or spinning disk archive. Genesis NX scales above the typical NAS systems by being able to grow the file system with added storage. It also offers RAID 6 data protection with replication, snapshot, a simple to use administration GUI, and remote administration functions.

The Genesis NX is available in four chassis sizes; the standard 12, 24, and 36 bay models and a 24 bay, low-profile (LP), 2U chassis that uses the latest 2.5″ SAS drives.


Mission critical NAS storage and server for backing up your data