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High-performance RAID storage

For workflows where scalability and reliability are required

Our engineers have developed Genesis RX2 with a unique set of tools that simplify storage while delivering top-level performance. Genesis RX2 has the ability to “leap-frog” other manufacturers’ hardware ASIC-based RAID controller roadmaps. It’s affordable, high-bandwidth, cross-platform storage for Mac, Windows and Linux users.

Used as both a SAN metadata controller and a RAID for small workgroups.

Additionally, it can expand without moving data to a traditional external MDC SAN setup. This allows smaller facilities to use a more cost-effective, reliable, expandable Global File System, while giving them the freedom to expand without the effort of forklift upgrades or moving data after outgrowing a single Genesis.

Our enterprise file system, HyperFS, integrates directly into Genesis RX2 to create a high-performance SAN appliance.

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Genesis RX2 12, 24 and 36 Bay Specifications

We offer a complete line of drive replacements for Rorke Galaxy HDX2, 3, 4, Genesis RX and Aurora 24/36 Bay. All come with a one year warranty. Download our complete list of drive replacements.

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