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NetApp Storage Solutions working with HyperFS

NetApp high-performance storage solutions File-based workflows provide tremendous content-creation efficiencies. “TV-everywhere” distribution models are beginning to extend the reach of media brands. But with these changes comes an ever-increasing need for bandwidth and capacity from the underlying media storage infrastructure. This need is overwhelming legacy storage.

About NetApp E-series Storage and the HyperFS File System

  • Comprehensive and integrated management for block and file data
  • Flexible storage for improved media workflow efficiencies
  • Further scaling of capacity, performance, file systems, and volumes
  • Faster rendering and transcoding means more time spent creating
  • Intelligent tiered storage in a single, global namespace accelerates both throughput and
    I/O to handle ever-increasing data and iterations
  • High availability reduces artist downtime and accelerates production schedules

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Media Storage Services

Give your prospect/customer the opportunity to stretch the life of their enterprise or tier two hardware for a 4th year and beyond, and save them up to 50% on the renewal. This buys you time during the the POC to save in preparation for a full refresh.

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