Scale Logic, Inc.


Reviews of Scale Logic by our Customers

Bowstring Studios

"When we decided to purchase the new system from Scale Logic we swapped a majority of our other studio equipment out as well. New work stations, monitors, cameras etc. The only easy part of that process was our working with Scale Logic. We got quotes in a short period of time, they were detailed, easy to read and contained all the info we needed. I was extremely concerned about the change over from our old system to the new SAN because it was happening in the middle of two important projects for us and we couldn't afford much downtime. It was seamless. Zero glitches and really easy for my crew to manage. Tell me any other IT based system that can claim that? "

D. Imbach, Saw Communications, Calgary, AB

"I just want to thank everyone for all of your efforts this week. It has been a complete team effort from all involved. The progress that has been made has met and exceeded our expectations, and could not have been achieved if anyone had not stepped it up with so many groups working together. We have a great product that I'm excited to launch to our staff, and I know will help easily bridge our transition to adobe premiere. I look forward to continue these partnerships and innovate together. I made the analogy to my wife tonight about birthing a baby after two years; extremely proud and excited about the future."

J. Moss, Atlanta-based Broadcasting Company

Technical Support

"I’m happy to say your team pulled out all the stops and really came through for us a couple weeks back. When our main fiber connection was cut and our MDCs crashed your guys put in extra hours to get our san back online. Maintenance contracts are a business unit that no one ever appreciates until you actually need to use one."

Carey Remillard, Encore

"Hi Robert-san, Thank you for your team back up on the project for Imagica. This is our first installation of HyperFS v3 and Genesis OS raid. We are quite impressed of how you improved the system quality. The GUI design and functions were very easy to understand. Maeda-san, Yabe-san and I will attend IBC and we are looking forward to have a meeting with you. Best regards."

Kei - Ask Corp, Japan

"Daryl, Thanks everyone for the many, many hours of time you guys have put in here. I respect the level of customer service Scale Logic has committed to getting me up 100%! If any of you guys are coming to NAB, like to take you out for some good food & drink!"

Paul Remo - President, Atomic Television

We support Rorke Data products

"BOB... I AM SO GLAD THAT I MET YOU!!! I've been a Rorke Data user / enthusiast / proponent since the early days of Sonic Solutions & Sonic Studio. Oh, early 1990's, I'd say 'round 1994-1995. I'm an Audio/Video/Broadcast EE by trade, and I regularly maintain many DAW's & Video Edit systems, et al. I have used so many different Rorke products over the years, and I've enjoyed them all! I dare say that you'd be hard pressed to find better engineered stuff, especially these days, with everybody cost-cutting. I'm glad that you're keeping "the legacy" alive. Looking forward to working with Scale Logic in the future..."

Ivan Pencoff