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Adobe Anywhere for Post Production

Hardware Independent SAN & Scale-Out NAS

Adobe AnywhereOur high-performance, file-based workflow solutions deliver hardware-agnostic scalable shared storage for Adobe Anywhere users. Scale Logic brings a level of flexibility to the market that enables Adobe users, technology partners and system integrators the option to deploy Adobe Anywhere qualified HyperFS. HyperFS is media-optimized file system that supports both block-level SAN as well as file-based Scale-Out NAS under a single global namespace. Scale Logic also provides the option to work with Adobe Anywhere partners by offering complete converged solutions built on qualified hardware platforms like Hitachi Data Systems, along with solution architecture, deployment and post sales services.

HYPERFS SAN ManagementWe work closely with Adobe to qualify all aspects of our solution to guarantee Adobe Anywhere users can work from a central server and seamlessly use media across the network without having to move files around. Our modular, integrated approach to SAN and/or Scale-Out NAS enables users to choose the right storage infrastructure, and to modify and grow it on-the-fly as future needs dictate.

Adobe Anywhere Enterprise Workflow

HyperFS & Scale Logic: Qualified for Adobe Anywhere:

  • A modular and scalable approach to SAN and Scale-Out NAS
  • Hardware-agnostic
  • Single or HA metadata configurations available
  • Supports Mac, Win or Linux clients
  • Integrated block and file workflow
  • Extensive pro-services
  • Compelling TCO

“Adobe Anywhere provides users with a highly collaborative video production process. Creative professionals can easily and secure access, alter and share centralized media – no matter where they are,” said Simon Williams, director of strategic relations at Adobe. “Our users will now be able to further enhance collaboration and accelerate turnaround by taking advantage of the high speed, bandwidth and performance of HyperFS and Scale Logic’s integrated hardware components.

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