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Complete data move and sync, object storage solution

Storage capacity and performance demands continue to increase, along with demand for the ability to share stored information easily and efficiently across multiple operating system platforms and multiple geographies. This demand has led to increased popularity of Clustered File Systems. HGST's ActiveScale P100 is the industry leading choice in object storage.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple to Deploy
    Power and network connections are all you need
  • Cloud Availability
    Scale up performance with additional capacity
  • Limitless Scale
    Increase capacity and performance in line with data growth
  • Highest Efficiency
    Highest capacity per square foot and lowest power per TB

Data Moving and Syncing with QStar

  • Network Migrator
    Policy-based data manager that can identify data or assets on the SAN that are infrequently accessed, and can migrate, copy or move the data identified to the archive
  • Archive Manager
    Tracks all file copies, both online and offline, allowing primary or copy media to be removed from the tape library or object storage
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Media-centric File System with HyperFS

  • SAN, Scale-Out NAS Storage
    High-performance file storage and simultaneous file sharing across clients using heterogeneous operating system environments
  • Enterprise Level Functionality
    Single Global Namespace across all storage tiers
  • Scalable
    Grow or shrink your file system
  • Easily connect to ActiveScale via QStar data migration
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HyperFS, QStar and HGST combine for a high-performance, integrated archive solution

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