Genesis NX

Genesis NX - NAS storage and file appliance

Mission critical and reliable NAS storage and file server

  • NDI™ Compliant
  • 1/10/40 GB NIC(s)
  • Built-in replication
  • Remote event notification
  • Simple installation
  • SMB, NFS, AFP, and FTP support
  • Redundant high-efficiency power supplies
  • Bonded ports
  • US-based phone support
  • Four hour technical support response and next business day parts exchange

High-performance data storage

The Genesis NX gives our customers the peace-of-mind that their data and digital assets are protected. With capacity ranges from 48 to 500TB and beyond, a base system ensures that you have a rock solid data protection strategy.

No IT employee, no set up, no problems, no worries

Our team will pre-configure your NAS prior to shipping and finish setting it up remotely to create a hassle-free install. Once it’s up and running, you have direct contact with our support team for any issues, troubleshooting, or ongoing maintenance.

The NX is an ideal addition to support your SAN environment as a redundant backup option. Allow your production manager to relax knowing you are getting a 2nd instance of your data duplicated at night, and that if disaster strikes your production will continue.

Recent News

The Genesis NX is NDI compliant and we maintain up-to-date testing and certification with NewTek.


Contact our technical support team for more details.

System and controller features
Chassis Compact 2U or 4U steel and aluminum alloy enclosure with rack mount kit, dual FRU power supplies and fan assemblies and 12 Gb/s drive backplane power on/off switch; system reset switch; LAN, fan fail, power indicators; six high-speed fans
Controllers 3.5 GHz Intel 1600 CPU, 12 bay 64GB (4x16), 24 bay 64GB (2x32) 36 bay 128GB (4x32) RAM
Drive Support 12/24/36 3.5” x SAS/SATA 12 Gb/s hard drives in field replaceable canisters staggered physical drive spin-up, drive LED support
External I/O Ports Four, 1 GigE host ports and SAS expansion on RAID card allows JBOD add-on capacities up to 72 drives for 12 bay and 144 drives on 24 / 36 bay
Operational Features
RAID protection RAID 0,1,6 RAID 6 default. physical drive error recovery. Replacement drive rebuild and monitoring, SMART, error recovery mechanisms
Spare Drives Genesis NX RAID 6 configuration can be configured with or without a hot spare drive. RAID 6 has two parity drives and therefore doesn’t require a hot spare drive, however a hot spare can be configured at the factory by request.
Key Features Snapshots (VSS based) for file and block data: replication: global namespace: up to 240TB per share point file server resource management for quotas, file screening, storage utilization reports: indexing services for optimized search, built-in anti virus, built-in network backup clients. ADS & NIS User Group ID Synchronization NAS support for up to 240TB logical volumes. Multiple logical volume & groups, online logical volume expansion.
Network Protocols SMB, NFS, FTP, HTTP
System Management
Supported OS Windows, macOS, Linux
Management Tools Embedded web management support — no host agent is needed using standard TCPIP; simple process to create users and groups, ADS synchronization volume creation or partitioning; NAS tuning tools for optimal performance for various applications;easy-to-parse error logs and status monitoring.
Management Interfaces Embedded web server and management support — no host agent is needed; Ethernet
Event Notification Email, audible (buzzer), and visible (LEDs) alerts for bad drives and power supplies
Mechanical Specifications
Voltage 90-264 VAC Auto-Ranging 50-60 Hz
Power Supply 12 / 24 Bay: 920W Redundant PS; 36 Bay: 1280W Redundant PS
Power Consumption 12 Bay: 325 Watts; 24 Bay: 465 Watts; 36 Bay: 525 Watts
Heat output BTU per hour at 120VAC - 12 Bay: 1200; 24 Bay: 1700; 36 Bay: 2400
Operating Temperature Operational 5°- 35°C (non operational -40° +70°C)
Relative Humidity 0-90%
Chassis Dimensions 12 Bay - width 17.2” (437mm) height 3.5” (89mm) depth 25.5” (648mm)
24 Bay - width 17.2” (437mm) height 7” (178mm) depth 26” (660mm)
36 Bay - width 17.2” (437mm) height 7” (178mm) depth 27.5” (699mm)
Weight 12 bay gross weight: 61 lbs (27.7 kg); 24 bay gross weight: 82 lbs (37.2 kg); 36 bay gross weight: 100 lbs (45.4 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 12 Bay - width 35” (889mm) height 8” (203.2mm) depth 24” (609.6mm)
24 Bay - width 38” (965.2mm) height 14” (355.6mm) depth 26” (660.4mm)
36 Bay - width 39” (965.2mm) height 14” (355.6mm) depth 26” (660.4mm)

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“Scale Logic storage systems are a great fit for Telestream customers and are also an integral part of Telestream’s lab and testing environments. Scale Logic SAN and NAS products are used daily by our QA, development and field engineering teams and work flawlessly with the gamut of Telestream’s product offerings.”