Our product line

Media-centric solutions, support and service for data-intensive workflows

Storage, archiving and networking for video production, broadcast, VFX, film, and post production workflows

Data is growing, and your storage solution needs to be more reliable than ever. Our wide range of state-of-the-art hardware and software will open up options for you to maintain and scale your business from content capture to delivery.

Storage, networking and archive converged solution



Service and Support

We don't want to just sell you storage. We want to help you customize a perfect solution for your current workflow while supporting scalability for your future requirements. Whether it’s digital media, big data management or mission-critical IT solutions, We will help develop a process to optimize, grow, and enhance your short and long-term investments.

Tell us about your workflow.

Saw Communications

"When we decided to purchase the new system from Scale Logic we swapped a majority of our other studio equipment out as well. New work stations, monitors, cameras etc. The only easy part of that process was our working with Scale Logic. We got quotes in a short period of time, they were detailed, easy to read and contained all the info we needed. I was extremely concerned about the change over from our old system to the new SAN because it was happening in the middle of two important projects for us and we couldn't afford much downtime. It was seamless. Zero glitches and really easy for my crew to manage. Tell me any other IT based system that can claim that?"