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In the last 25 years more data has been created in the world than in the aggregate of prior human history.

The health care industry stores upward of 434 petabytes of data per year and with an ever increasing aging population and the advent of higher resolution imaging technologies, we can expect continuous storage expansion.

Storage and Networking support for health careHealth care organizations have databases full of information, images and other medical files that keep track of the history of patients throughout their lives. With our knowledge of supporting big data storage infrastructures, we can provide a wide range of pre and post sales services that will help extend your facilities IT lifecycle and deliver solid ROI.

Our healthcare solutions are designed specifically for customers requiring maintenance and support for data storage, archiving and network infrastructure.

We offer customized solutions for maintenance contracts, refresh support and other IT services for: Hospitals, Clinics, Research Facilities, and Radiological Centers

  • Decades of storage and network experience
  • Decades of experience defining and supporting data networks
  • Cross brand, multi-vendor support
  • Established partners for tape, archiving, and disaster recovery

Our Media Storage Services team provides options to increase the life of your data storage investments. We take a consultative approach, accessing your current hardware and software infrastructure, providing analysis, and making recommendations to maximize the performance of that infrastructure. We provide this by performing free health checks on your equipment.

We can also help stretch the ROI on current equipment by providing access to a 4th year of support and service at half the OEM cost. Not everyone wants to pay for an expensive forklift upgrade after the 3rd year warranty expires. The OEM will pressure customers into a forklift upgrade by invoicing exorbitant service costs for the 4th year and beyond. DCS provides “better than OEM”. When it is time to get rid of old hardware, our trade in/buy back program allows you to turn your old hardware into cash or credit towards new storage.

When it is time to get rid of old equipment, we provide a fair market value assessment and will offer to purchase old gear bringing added ROI on those assets. All of our removal and disposal services meet or exceed EPA standards. We also provide onsite data destruction services for digital media and tape.

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