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Media-centric Storage and Application Platform for Video Editing

Genesis Unlimited is a media-centric SAN appliance that has been developed specifically for dealing with the complexity of shared storage. Genesis Unlimited allows a simple straight forward integration into applications like AVID, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and many other content creation and distribution applications. This appliance is ideal for smaller creative workgroups looking for a high-performance SAN without all the infrastructure hassle.


Application Intelligence - Genesis can learn the I/O patterns/behavior for an application while admins can give those applications a “real-time” status or “non realtime”. This means “non realtime” applications auto-throttle down to allow realtime apps the bandwidth. Many popular applications come pre-learned, like Finder, Explorer, Resolve, Premiere, in addition allowing for admins to add their own apps as well.


Scalable SAN ApplianceThis SAN appliance is a stand alone shared storage solution built on three platforms, 2U (12 Drive), 4U (24 Drive), or 4U (36 Drive), and ranges from 24TB to 216TB in a single enclosure. Genesis Unlimited is built on a 12Gbit SAS backplane and includes an internal HyperFS metadata controller along with unlimited HyperFS client connectivity for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Interphase options can be mixed and matched that support 8/16GB FC, 1/10/40Gbit Ethernet, iSCSI and 40Gbit Infiniband.

"There’s several factors that I think the Unlimited differentiates itself from other storage options. I love the simplicity of the Unlimited in that we don’t need to provision for an additional MDC like traditional SAN deployments, I also love that it can also function as a NAS. Many of our clients end up having to create unique solutions to bridge their SAN and NAS solutions. This product provides both in a simple to deploy package. I especially love the available options for connectivity which includes Infiniband, not many other storage solutions provide this much flexibility in options and performance at this price point."
- Sarote Tabcum Jr., CEO, VFX

Multi-stream, low latency editingThe Genesis Unlimited Hybrid SSD is a stand alone shared storage solution utlizing the power of SSD technology. Along with all the same features as the Unlimited, the Hybrid boasts multi-stream, low latency to SSD tiering which is capable of 4 streams of DPX in one editing machine.


Genesis Unlimited Shared Storage and Application Platform

Genesis Unlimited allows editors to be editors and allows facilities to scale at their own pace.

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