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Archiving and Data Protection with QStar

QStar is the Right Choice for Digital Archiving for File-based Workflow

Scale Logic QStar ArchiveThe media and entertainment industry covers a wide variety of companies; from traditional print media to television, radio, film, video games and advertising.

QStar Archive Manager software solutions protects the digital content you create while delivering a highly scalable, cost-effective archive that allows you to search and retrieve content quickly and easily.

  • Works with our Genesis IAP in creating a versatile archive platform
  • Best practice is 3,2,1; 3 copies of all data with 2 different types of storage media and 1 copy off-site on removable media
  • ASM - Archive Storage Manager
  • QNM - QStar Network Migrator, policy driven data mover with policies
  • Migrate will move a bulk of the data from the source and on the destination

QStar Archive Manager software virtualizes any archive technology and presents it through a platform specific drive share or mount point. Creative users, editors and administrators can easily search, find and recall digital data directly from the archive using CIFS or NFS. No proprietary applications are required. Raw and edited video content can be stored directly into the archive at any time during the creative process. Even when a file has been moved to an offline local store or offsite vault, QStar maintains its location and the asset still appears to be online.

QStar Network Migrator allows organizations to create policies which will automatically move content from primary storage to near-line and deep archival storage—both disk and tape.

By using Network Migrator, primary storage capacities can be optimized, high performance workflows are maintained, and valuable content is securely preserved into the archive for later re-use.

QStar archive management software integrates seamlessly with Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions, adapting to your facility’s workflow needs. The QStar software is operating system independent and can run directly on servers using Windows, Linux, UNIX or Mac.

QStar supports Linear Tape File System (LTFS) in Windows, Linux, and Mac environments. LTFS is an open-source data format that provides a file system interface to data stored on LTO-5 tape media. More about QStar LTFS support.

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