HYPERFS data flow between LAN and SAN

Optimized for video production workflows

HyperFS presents a unified storage file system that takes the worry out of shared SAN/Block and Scale-Out NAS/File data storage, no matter what your needs are. HyperFS is created specifically for working with video and other large media files, making it a solution native to the demands of media-centric enterprises rather than something tweaked to work as well as it can in that environment.

Scalable as workloads increase

Data is continually growing, a phenomena codified by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965 when he observed that “The number of transistors on a chip will double every two years.” Moore’s law has held ever since, and with the extra storage and computing power allowed by those extra transistors, file sizes get larger and larger, as seen in video definitions as they move from HD to 4K to 8K.

That is one aspect of scalability, the ability to grow a storage pool to accommodate the growing storage needs of an organization. Another is scale-out, the ability to give more users access to the storage. No matter the size of your organization or the specifics of your storage needs, HyperFS can handle your data storage better and with less hassle than any other file system.

The alternative file system for
SAN and Scale-Out NAS

  • Better TCO than the competition
  • Complete set-up through easy-to-use GUI
  • Compatible with most media-centric applications
  • US-based support with software engineers

HyperFS’s features can make your life easier through certifications on a wide variety of industry applications, file and block level access to a single file system, and simultaneous access to that file system on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Recent News

Explore HyperLoc, easy-to-install Avid-style bin locking, the new plugin for users of Media Composer and HyperFS.


Contact us to learn more about how our file system can stack up to anyone in the industry for power, reliability, TCO and ease-of-use.

HyperFS File System Specifications
System Capacity 64 ZB Theoretical Limit
Max number of files/objects/folders Up to 4,000,000,000 when using 4TB metadata volume
File size 64 ZB Theoretical Limit
File name length Windows: 255 ASCII characters; Linux/Mac: 255 ASCII characters
Directory depth Windows: 244 characters
Linux: 4096 Bytes
Max number of LUNs 4093
Exported Paths 512
No. of Metadata controllers (MDC) Up to 2, can be configured in HA mode
Number of concurrent file systems 16
Full redundancy configuration Supported: No single point of failure
Dynamic file system expansion Yes, LUNs can be added with no downtime
Supported SAN client OSs Windows 7 32/x86_64/Win 8, Win 10
Windows 2008/2008_R2/2012/2012_R2/Server 32/x86_64/2016_x86_64
RHEL 5 (Update3-Update10) 32/x86_64, RHEL 6 (Update0-Update8) 32/x86_64,
RHEL 7 {Update0-Update4}
SUSE 11 SP1-3
OS X 10.7-10.14
SSD Support Yes
Optional HyperFS Scale-Out NAS Specifications
Number of nodes per cluster 64
Number of clusters 32
Supported Protocols CIFS/SMBv1.0/v2.0/v3.0
NFSv2/v3/v4, FTP/FTPS
Scale-Out Nas OS RHEL/CentOS x86_64
Number of Scale-Out Nas Clients CIFS clients: 2048 per node, NFS clients: No limit
FTP clients: 1GbE 800 clients and 10GbE 1600 clients
Number of shares mounted on client CIFS on Windows Client: 23 NFS Client: 256
Supported OS of Scale-Out Nas clients Windows 7/8/10
Windows 2008/2008_R2/2012/2012_R2 Server/2016 Server
CentOS/RHEL 4.x ; CentOS/RHEL 5 U1-U8; CentOS/RHEL 6 U1-U9, CentOS/RHEL 7 U1-U6
Suse11 SP1
OS X 10.6-10.14

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