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Is Your Media Management Future-Proof?

With growing file sizes, increased video resolution and high-quality visual effects requiring more storage, network and server performance; post-production environments need a high degree of parallel access between work groups, as well as higher storage capacities to handle higher volumes of recorded media.

Key challenges facing organizations:

  • 24x7 uptime
  • Performance related to growing file resolutions
  • Creating best practices for data migration
  • Developing comprehensive and layered data protection and archiving strategies
  • Meeting criteria with the latest in storage technologies
  • Creating a stable base for infrastructure growth and capacity
  • Training and education with all components of your workflow

Across the board, end users are not focused on storage; rather, they are focused on solving problems within their workflows where storage is an important component. Scale Logic deploys a collaborative post-production infrastructure that goes beyond shared storage to solve the problems of large groups of editors working from the same source materials and in nonlinear environments.

What you can do now to prepare for the future

  • Working with the right tools and vendors, ask questions and make sure they understand your current environment.
  • When considering performance, looking at your current infrastructure is a necessary first step in assessing bottlenecks.
  • When looking at growing and scaling your environment there are several key factors; adding editors, working with higher resolutions, storage capacity, and current and future archiving strategies.
  • Implement a data protection plan, utilizing strategies like second instances of data and failover protocols.

We understand the challenges facilities face in high-demand 4, 6 and 8K workflows, and we bring expertise in all operations and processes, from ingest to cloud archive. In other words, we’re always listening and learning more about our industry to provide the best consulting services in the business.

Technology recommendations

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June 25

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"Scale Logic to me, demonstrated a depth of expertise with what we do, which is super important. Not just as a provider of hard drive space essentially but they understood as a video production company the nuances of what we do, data RAIDs we needed, the technology we were working with, to provide a solution that would meet our needs. We’ve been working with the people in technology at Scale Logic for about eight years now, and they have never let us down."