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Storage, networking and archive for Sports and Entertainment

Storage, networking and service solutions

We engineer and deploy storage solutions all across the communications, life science, education, sports and entertainment markets. We further enhance our value by providing a wide range of pre and post sales services to companies through extended warranties and other asset management.

Our solutions are designed specifically for customers requiring high-performance, highly reliable data storage, archiving and network infrastructure serving industries:

Our customers work in video/film post-production, broadcast, VFX, VOD, streaming, OTT, and other IP-based workflows.

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Our team can assess and provide simple, straightforward integration options for applications like AVID, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and over 200 other content creation and distribution applications. We approach each segment of the market through a thorough assessment of our customer workflows. Whether it is a smaller creative workgroup looking for a high-performance SAN and/or mid-tier or enterprise environment that requires a more robust solution, our team has experience across the board.

Reasons to work with us:


HyperFS: Enterprise File System

Genesis Unlimited - Application Platform

Genesis NX - NAS File Server and Backup Appliance

Genesis HyperMDC - HA Metadata Controllers

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