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Data storage for security and video surveillance

Our goal is to save our customers time and money in dealing with the expensive prospect of implementing infrastructures that require surveillance video storage and networking equipment.

Storage and Networking support for health careWe take a consulative approach to all data moving environments, from ingest to deep archive for:

  • Law enforcement agencies: Dash-mounted cameras, body-mounted cameras, license plate recognition, prison and detention center monitoring, drone video
  • Critical infrastructure protection: Power plants, refineries, bridges, docks, ports
  • Mass transit monitoring and security: Airports, in-bus cameras, train stations, freight yards
  • Municipalities and urban surveillance projects: Traffic monitoring and metering, universities and higher education, school yards, parks, museums, and stadiums
  • Commercial Property: Shopping malls, large and multi-site retail, and casinos
  • Military and intelligence applications: Aerial surveillance, terrain mapping, urban reconnaissance

We offer customized solutions for video data storage, archiving and retrieval

  • Decades of storage experience
  • Decades of experience defining and supporting big data workflows
  • Cross brand, multi-vendor support
  • Established partners for tape, workflow enhancements and archiving

A properly planned out, multi-tiered storage model can ease any pain points that may occur in the day-to-day operations and data retention.

As Law Enforcement becomes one of the largest creators of video content, this question will include administrators in that industry who must learn a new set of rules with regards to their network infrastructure. The storage of unstructured data needs to be both scalable and manageable, but most importantly, it must be dependable. There is no room for down time in the 24/7 business of police work. When access to video evidence is needed to build or try a case there is neither room for error nor time to wait for large files to download from a far away data center. The need is immediate and the consistency of the original raw video can be crucial to the outcome of the case.

Ease of use in the Storage and Management of video files is increasingly necessary as more and more cameras are being put into service for security, increasing the amount of video law enforcement has to manage and store.

Data flow for video of body worn cameras

A well-planned infrastructure will insure that mission critical video files are kept on premises until such time as they are no longer needed on a daily basis. Those files can then be automatically sent to deep archive based on predetermined policies. The archive solution may be a scalable, on-premises LTO or cloud based storage. As data moves into any off-premises storage solution it is required to be both encrypted and secured. The encryption keys must be stored on-premises in order to ensure that only those with authorization can decrypt and share the files.

SLI certifies that our parts and equipment have passed a rigorous, nine-step process that includes testing according to the manufacturer's specifications and configuration to meet your departments's requirements.

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