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Data storage and networking for security and video surveillance

Storage and Networking support for health care Security and surveillance are one of the largest creators of video content. The storage of unstructured data needs to be both scalable, manageable and secure. Most importantly, it must be dependable. There is no room for downtime in the 24/7 business of security.

We offer customized solutions for video data storage, archiving and retrieval across all aspects of surveillance and security.

When access to video evidence is needed to build or try a case or for any other review process, there is neither room for error nor time to wait for large files to download from a far away data center. The need is immediate and the consistency of the original raw video can be crucial.

Reasons why we can help:

A well-planned infrastructure will ensure that mission critical video files are kept on premises until such time as they are no longer needed on a daily basis. Those files can then be automatically sent to deep archive based on predetermined policies. The archive solution may be a scalable, on-premises LTO or cloud based storage. As data moves into any off-premises storage solution it is required to be both encrypted and secured. The encryption keys must be stored on-premises in order to ensure that only those with authorization can decrypt and share the files. Scale Logic knows how to solve the problems organizations encounter when dealing with data workflows.

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