Hitachi Vantara Support

Extended Warranty Support, Buybacks, Trade-ins, and Hardware Sourcing for HDS Storage and Blade Servers

Scale Logic’s advantages over HDS/OEM maintenance services

  • 50% savings on extended warranties
  • Extended infrastructure lifespan
  • Customized SLA’s and flexible contract terms
  • Onsite spares kits for every install location
  • Better than HDS response times – 11 min. average
  • Call home feature standard
  • Assigned technician to your account
  • Level III HDS certified engineer on the 1st call
  • No off-shore run around

Scale Logic support contracts offer levels of various coverage – but at significantly lower cost. With savings starting at 50% as standard, that cash can then be reinvested into other strategic projects that help push the business forwards.

HDS’ annual maintenance contract cost increases yearly by design. This cost basis inflates artificially year on year as way to force regular hardware refreshes. Our maintenance contracts offer a bridge to operational stability, flexibility and vendor neutrality – We support your production environment during POCs, enable you to reposition and utilize your fully capitalized infrastructure as needed and manage decommissioning and removal when you are ready.

Scale Logic third party support is available for the following HDS systems:

  • AMS - 1000, 200, 2100, 2300, 2500, 500
  • HUS - 110, 130, 150
  • USP - V and VM
  • VSP
  • HNAS - 2000 series, 2100, 2200, 3080, 3090, 3090 G1, 3100, 3200, 4040
  • Blade servers

Keeping assets in place for longer helps to increase return on investment and lower total cost of ownership.

Example of Current customers:

  • Burlington Stores
  • Jam Filled
  • ABC Australia
  • RAI TV

SLI is partnered with one of the largest stocking HDS resellers in the U.S. providing equipment and pro services in 120 countries.

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