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Scale Logic deploys a collaborative post-production infrastructure that goes beyond shared storage to solve the problems of large groups of editors working from the same source materials using nonlinear workflows. For post production environments, our solutions support a high degree of parallel access between workgroups, as well as much larger storage capacities the high volume of recorded media requires.

We understand the challenges facilities face in high-demand 4, 6 and 8K workflows

  • Expertise in all aspects of the workflow from ingest to cloud archive
  • Qualified and certified with hundreds of industry hardware and software
  • Decades of storage, network and server experience focused in post production environments
  • Service and support programs for other OEM production storage and networking
  • Established partners for tape, archiving, disaster recovery, and cloud archive

Shared storage for post-production must contain all of the materials needed for all active projects at any given time. Sharing storage must also be able to satisfy access requirements imposed by popular nonlinear editing applications and tools. Scale Logic post production solutions also provide for storage visualization, sustained performance (for bandwidth and latency) and high data availability.

When the work of an entire organization depends on common infrastructure, the ability to access content and avoid disruptions is critical for business performance and success. Scale Logic is an ideal shared storage solution for post production needs.

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"Scale Logic to me, demonstrated a depth of expertise with what we do, which is super important. Not just as a provider of hard drive space essentially but they understood as a video production company the nuances of what we do, data RAIDs we needed, the technology we were working with, to provide a solution that would meet our needs. We’ve been working with the people in technology at Scale Logic for about eight years now, and they have never let us down."