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Rorke Data Maintenance Support Contracts

ANNOUNCEMENT: HDX4 will be EOS on June 30th, 2018. Contact us now to discuss refresh options

SLI offers a flexible fixed price solution which can reduce your Rorke hardware maintenance spending by 40-60%. Our OEM-certified technicians are former Rorke employees and have decades of knowledge for all Rorke product lines. We offer unbiased hardware support to keep maintenance costs low. We offer the benefit of being a single point of contact should you have other needs within your IT infrastructure.

Refresh and upgrade from your Rorke Data HDX3, HDX4 Storage, and Rorke 1U Server

Some of our refresh options include:

We have numerous Genesis Series & JBOD storage replacement options (to replace your aging Galaxy HDX3) with a variety of configurations to choose from, all at extremely competitive price points. Scale Logic is still committed to your current contract period and will honor all contracts through the contract term.

Please note the following: We will continue to support LX6 NAS and Aurora 24 & 36 RAIDs

Standard Support Levels

SLI IT Hardware Maintenance provides both on-site response and phone support options.

SLI Certified means that our parts and equipment have passed a rigorous, nine-step process that includes testing according to the manufacturer's specifications and configuration to meet your organization's requirements.


Terms and Conditions

Email Lisa Piper to learn more! Or simply call her, 1-612-260-6435

Past Announcements

September 30, 2017 will be our official END OF SERVICE date for the Rorke Data HDX3 and Rorke 1U Server.

This EOS applies to the Rorke Galaxy HDX3 RAID, JBODs and 1U Server. If you currently have this legacy product, we urge you to contact your Scale Logic representative to learn about the discounts, trade-in and special offers we can extend to you.