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Trade-in and Buy Back Programs

Here at Scale Logic we have brought together a team of individuals whose sole focus over the past three decades has been to bring added value to data center directors, engineers, and buyers.

There is value in your legacy hardware when thinking of a refresh or tear out.

Upgrading to new data center solutions can require disposal of old hardware. SLI will help you turn that equipment into money by facilitating a trade-in or buy back. We’ll give you credit towards a purchase of any of our data storage offerings in exchange for your used devices. You can also store the value of your trade-in for future use.

EMC/Isilon, NetApp, IBM, Dell, HP, Hitachi, Brocade, Quantum, Infortrend, Dot Hill, Nexsan, AVID ISIS, Rorke, Promise, Facilis, SNS, Tiger

If you’d rather have cash for your equipment, we can make you an offer based on a fair market value of your old tools. We also offer a consignment option if you don’t want to handle the details yourself. SLI will keep a percentage of the sale, and you get to clean out your surplus hardware and avoid haggling with buyers. We make sure to thoroughly process all used electronics that we purchase or take in for consignment, so there’s never a risk of putting your data in danger. We’ll also help you responsibly dispose of old IT hardware so it doesn’t wind up taking up space in your office or sitting in a landfill.

Options for your legacy hardware

  • Trade-in: Find discount value when upgrading to new equipment
  • Buy Back: Get cash back for unused or stored equipment
  • Consignment programs: 24x7 online inventory management & reporting
  • Certified data erasure & disposal on all recycling
  • Environmentally Friendly: All of our IT sale, removal, and disposal services meet or exceed EPA standards

Example Customer Scenario

Need: End user has need to know the full market value (FMV) of equipment they have for trade-in purposes.

Process: SLI performs a free health check, which reveals configuration allowing assessment of FMV.

Benefit: Helps facilitate trade in process so funds can be used towards purchase of new upgrade or other areas of IT budget.

If you are a reseller contact us to see how we can help increase your revenue and bring value to your customers who are upgrading their facilities.

Value-added Services Solution Brief

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