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NAB 2018 Solving Challenges in Media Workflows

Exciting announcements for NAB 2018 - Health monitoring for Genesis Unlimited and HyperMDC and HyperLoc, Avid-style bin locking plugin for HyperFS.

SSD Powerhouse

Packing a punch: The Genesis Unlimited Hybrid provides 8000 MB/s in a single frame and gives editing teams the power to edit 4K footage and beyond easily and more efficiently. Direct connect your workstations with options for connectivity and capacity all in one scalable footprint.

Up to 25 GB/s Throughput

The pieces are in place: Single, clustered or Scale-Out NAS, a multitude of options and solutions to provide what organizations need for file servers, data protection and massive scalability.

Avid-style Bin Locking

Avid users rejoice: HyperLoc supports the familiar Avid style bin locking. Installing HyperLoc enables both Mac and PC to use the workflow Avid editors are accustomed to so there is no need to retrain or alter the workflow process.

24x7 Health Monitoring

Peace-of-mind: Phone home technology is now built into Genesis Unlimited/Hybrid and HyperMDC. 24x7 monitoring with automatic ticketing and alerts, our system provides enterprise-class technology for tier two and tier three customers.

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