Customer stories

Walmart Event Solutions

Multi-site Enterprise Video Production and Content Creation

7 year customer — Bensonville, Arkansas

Justin Elliot, Chief Engineer discusses working with Scale Logic

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Video production

7 year customer — Minneapolis, Minnesota

Listen to how we maintain and keep Morsekode current with the latest in storage and workflow enhancemments.

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Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx

Video production, broadcast, and data protection

3 year customer — Minneapolis, Minnesota

With its massive SAN, our solution allows the Timberwolves and Lynx to collect and store thousands of hours of footage without expunging or transferring data for up to five seasons.

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Beltway Park Church

Video production, broadcast, and data protection

5 year customer — Abilene, Texas

Since 1996, Beltway has grown in attendance to almost 4,500 on two campuses in a community of 120,000. Their requirements for reliable video production and content delivery needed to expand with capacity and performance and Scale Logic delivered. Listen to their broadcast team discuss the entire solution.

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Bowstring Studios

Video production, broadcast, content delivery, and data protection

6 year customer — Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

One of our current customers talks about the stability and power of our shared storage SAN appliance the Genesis Unlimited. In addition they share their experiences with HyperFS, our enterprise level file system.

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Doner Company

Video production, broadcast, content delivery, advertising, and data protection

7 year customer — Southfield, Michigan

Doner is an 80-years-young global micro-network of creatively-driven, performance-minded offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, London, and Cleveland. Our team has worked with them for many years and continue to help them grow with all their needs in their workflow.

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