Quality Control

Manufacturing, Testing, and Assembly

Our manufacturing and logistics capabilities support the needs of virtually any size of business. From purchasing and planning to building and delivering custom storage and networking solutions, we provide the industry’s best in engineering, support, and value-added technology services.

We use an ISO-certified manufacturing environment to design and optimize our production for high-volume, stock, custom, and integrated systems. In addition, we ensure that all systems are deployed with the same standard of quality through a rigorously enforced and efficient assembly, testing, and inspection processes.

Our capabilities include:

  • Manufacturing of a wide range of industry-leading hardware platforms including rack servers, high-density storage, RAID, SAN and Archiving appliances, and more
  • Consistent delivery of high-quality systems through solid supply chain management and partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, as well as exclusive early access channels to the newest innovative technology
  • Segmented work centers that ensure quality control measures by separating the manufacturing process according to production phases so all tasks are completed before advancing to the next phase of production
  • Inspection checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process that validate the proper assembly of every system (not just one unit in 10 or 100), contributing to our exceptionally low failure rate
  • Customized QA and QC testing performed per machine, including root cause analysis, SOP documentation, workflow documentation, supplier inspections, random inspections, and other post-production controls
  • Efficient manufacturing process providing turnaround times of 7-10 days
  • Lifecycle support warranties covering as much as 5 years, and on-site support options for rapid troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair
  • Added-value technology services: a dedicated account manager application with direct API access harvested data (tracking asset tags, lots, serial numbers, mac addresses, etc.) and other resources

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We ensure our manufacturing and quality control meet all of today's standards, both here and abroad.