Far more than just keeping the lights on

Optimize, Grow & Enhance

Whether it’s digital media, big data management, or mission-critical IT solutions, organizations must develop a process to optimize, grow, and enhance short- and long-term investments. But that’s not always as easy as it may seem. From team resources, to expertise and budget, these can all impact required results.

A better way to manage the necessity of support

It’s a pretty simple idea. We don’t want to just sell you storage, we want to help you customize a perfect solution for your current workflow, all while supporting scalability for your future requirements. Imagine not having to worry about time constraints, additional training or expertise, and everything else that comes with supporting one’s own infrastructure—we have you covered.


Save Money & Optimize Infrastructures

We know that you need to save money supporting enterprise storage, networking, servers, and tape libraries. That’s why we are here. For years we have optimized client infrastructures—from design to configuration, deployment, support and installation—all to rigorous industry and client standards. But that’s not all we do. For instance, instead of calling multiple OEMs about your infrastructure, you can make one call to our team and we take care of everything.

Customized, Extended & Bridged Warranty Support

We are certified to support all the major manufacturers.

Hardware Sourcing

Grow your storage and network with options for refurbished and re-certified upgrades or add-ons.

Newly Discovered ROI

Asset management services that help your bottom line and ensure operational stability

Buy-backs & Trade-ins

Cash back options, credit towards new purchases, other asset management services

Bridge to Refresh

Custom short-term extended support options and migration services