Your newfound ROI

Upgrading to new data center solutions shouldn’t be expensive.

It’s one of the most critical investments your company will ever make. The best part? Your investment will continue to deliver even after it’s ready for decommissioning.

Giving credit where credit is due

Scale Logic will help you turn your aging equipment into money by facilitating trade-ins and buybacks. We will give you credit towards a purchase of any of our data storage offerings in exchange for your used devices. You can also store the value of your trade-in for future use.

Get more ROI on your legacy hardware:

  • Buyback – Get cash back for unused or stored equipment
  • Trade-in – Find discount value when upgrading to new equipment
  • Transition/Bridge to refresh – Find value in your current production environment as part of your planning

Ready to cash in?

If you’d rather have cash for your equipment, we can make you an offer based on fair market value.

We also offer a consignment option. We thoroughly process all used electronics that we purchase or take in on consignment, so your data is never at risk. We’ll also help you responsibly dispose of old IT hardware with certified data erasure and disk destruction.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a data center or media-centric environment from discovery and planning, through integration design and purchasing, to service and disposal of end-of-life or refresh management.

Our Lifecycle Management integrates data, processes, systems, and provides a pro services backbone for companies and their extended enterprise storage and networking environments.