How we save you money

We Don’t Raise Support Prices as the Hardware Ages

Our prices typically drop over the years as parts become more readily available. We offer onsite spares, 24×7 phone support, and onsite service globally. We not only support the hardware, but we also offer full software support for EMC, Isilon, Hitachi, Avamar, Data Domain, and NetApp.

Customized programs with 30% to 70% savings

Free expert level Health Checks

24x7x365 Response Options

Onsite field engineers domestic and international

OS Support and Updates

Parts testing to manufacturer’s specifications

Response Center Support backed by Level 3 OEM trained engineers

Next business day parts replacement

Standard support levels

Our IT hardware maintenance provides both onsite response and phone support:

  • Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – 4-hour response
  • 24×7 4-hour mission-critical production – 365 days a year – 15-minute response time average

Stock parts when you need them

Our real-time spares management is the perfect maintenance solution when you have technicians onsite but require a comprehensive parts inventory on-premise to meet uptime requirements. Our Automated Parts Replenishment program uses an online portal and barcode technology to monitor inventory, track supply levels, and ship the parts immediately when required.

Program benefits

  • Eliminate exorbitant OEM support fees – Spend funds more strategically
  • Short-term bridge support during refresh migration
  • Stretch ROI and extend life cycle during POC – Save 30 to 70% on support fees

Supported OEMs

Extend ROI of hardware infrastructure into 4th and 5th year—and beyond.


Hardware Sourcing

Access global capabilities for your legacy user hardware.


Buy-Backs & Trade-Ins

Programs designed to find value with your legacy hardware.