From Archive to Reuse

It’s time consuming and expensive to create content, especially with the higher resolutions in film and photography greatly increasing file sizes. You need to protect these valuable digital assets while still ensuring that the content is quickly and easily accessible from the archive for reuse.

Prevent data loss

Your data is one of your most important assets when it comes to your day-to-day operations. And data loss could be catastrophic for your business.

We can help ensure that doesn’t happen with our:

  • Decades of storage experience
  • Decades of experience protecting and supporting files in video workflows
  • Cross brand, multi-vendor support
  • Established partners for tape, workflow enhancements and archiving

We offer customized solutions for video data storage, archiving and retrieval across all aspects of surveillance and security.

Expand your protection

Our recommended products and services include:

  • NX2 – NAS with enterprise features in a compact and scalable footprint to 3PB
  • ZX – Asset protection and business continuity
  • Application Servers – Custom-built servers for archiving and backup applications
  • Networking Support and Sales – Support for Cisco, QLogic and Brocade, refurbished sales