Does this look familiar?

Designed to look and operate like industry standard tools.

Accessing your files in a familiar way is highly important—after all, when immersed in a project, the last thing you need is to learn yet another tool or interface.

Your perfect media solution

A smart all-in-one media management application

Browse your videos directly from your hard drive, SD card, or Scale Logic production storage, no ingest required. Use Media Browser’s powerful drill down function to flatten and filter the content of the entire storage device and define media-aware filters such as frame-rate, resolution to find the files you’re looking for.

A world of functionality

The Media Browser combines functionality of a file browser, a media player, a conversion tool (transcoder), and a media management system.

The client-based software has large number of functions that help accomplish tasks that editors and producers typically have to deal with when having to work with digital media files. This media browser provides functions like sub-clipping, renaming, and image gallery exports while easily integrating with video editing applications such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Control your media files

Functionality that breeds productivity

  • Save time in production
  • Simple to use and easy to learn
  • Powerful conversion, transcoding and rewrapping engine
  • Video, audio and image browsing
  • Access any drives or folders
  • “Drill Down” Feature traverses subdirectories
  • Create and export Subclips
  • Create Markers with Editorial information
  • Export Editorial Information directly to Premiere, Avid MC, Resolve, and FCPX
  • Drag and Drop directly into Premiere, Avid MC, Resolve, and FCPX

  • Full featured Video Player
  • Search Filters with useful criteria
  • Frame Rate conversion
  • Export Stills from a single video frame with ease
  • Shared Database on the Central Storage
  • Video frame by frame and jump to a preferred frame
  • Built in Zebra Filter
  • Scene Detection
  • Mouse wheel zoom in and out in a frame

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