The need for Secure Data Access and Control

In today’s highly connected world, organizations need to simultaneously maintain ownership and control of their data, while securely enabling access—all while avoiding unwarranted OPEX spending.

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The Solution you've been waiting for

Scale Logic’s Remote Access Portal (RAP) is a 1U Linux appliance designed to be the perfect gateway for remote clients to access on-prem storage. In fact, RAP enables remote clients to seamlessly access content on the on-prem storage in the exact same way they would when connected to the internal LAN. Best of all, client connections are encrypted.

To further the experience—one that ensures no lag times, slow connectivity, and so on—the remote clients storage act like a large cache, enabling only modified content to be synced back to the RAP infrastructure.

Rap Makes Life, Work, and Process Easy

Easily Managed

RAP resides behind the firewall and in front of the NAS or SAN (NX2, ZX, HyperFS, StorNext, ISILON, etc.)

Easily Configured

RAP shares the mounted NAS or SAN volume(s) via the HTTPS protocol where a remote workstation can access the shared content.
(Client software required.)

Easily Accessed

RAP requires no VPN or a tunnel to access the content—instead working natively over an encrypted port.

Easily Secured

With no content being stored in the cloud, RAP enables all traffic to be confined between the RAP and the remote client.

Secured for the Modern World

Managing Users and Groups
RAP supports LDAP and ADS. If no such service is available, it provides a local user and group management service.

User Accessible Volumes
The remote editor will be able to access all content/volumes that have been shared with them—nothing more.

Connect to S3 and other Providers
RAP enables connectivity to additional cloud vendors such as AWS, Backblaze, and Wasabi.

Features for the Modern Media Workflow

Improve Performance

Use the remote client local hard disk as LAN cache to improve performance for the applications.

Simplify Processes

Sync process happens in the background without the editor doing anything.

Enable Collaboration

A project saved remotely sync’s back to the on-prem storage automatically for someone else to see the changes.

OS Support

Support for all major OSs.


Works with every NAS or SAN storage.

Easy Integration

Active Directory / LDAP integration.


Total secure control over your data.

When there is no comparison

  Teradici HP (RGS) VPN AWS RAP
Extra hardware required Yes No No No No
Feels like local LAN performance Yes Yes No No Yes
Full control over your content Yes Yes y/n y/n Yes
Unpredictable costs Yes Yes No Yes No
Full support of all clients No No Yes y/n Yes
High application responsiveness Yes Yes y/n y/n Yes
Ease of setup No No Yes y/n Yes