With No Duplications

Shared storage is essential for every workgroup that needs files to be accessible across the entire network ecosystem—all built to enable simultaneous access by multiple users without the need to duplicate files or version control. The purpose file storage while enabling simultaneous access by multiple subscribers without the need to duplicate files to their computers.

Don't focus on storage. Focus on solving challenges.

Across the board, end users are not focused on storage; rather, they are focused on solving problems within their workflows where storage is an important component. Scale Logic deploys a collaborative post-production infrastructure that goes beyond shared storage to solve the problems of large groups of editors working from the same-source materials and in nonlinear environments.

Media and entertainment is where we live

Is your media management future proof? With growing file sizes, increased video resolution and high-quality visual effects requiring more storage, network and server performance, post-production environments need a high degree of parallel access between work groups, as well as higher storage capacities to handle higher volumes of recorded media.

Key challenges facing organizations:

  • Delivering 24×7 uptime and reliability
  • Creating and planning for infrastructure growth and capacity
  • Ensuring speed and performance adaptability for growing file resolutions
  • Developing comprehensive and layered data protection and archiving strategies
  • Creating best practices for data migration to new technologies

Second-tier storage is critical with any data protection strategy

Concerns with high-availability, uptime and disaster recovery are the key elements in protecting your valuable digital assets. Whether you need backup, archive or disaster recovery, our team has been protecting data for companies since the inception of the tape drive.

What you can do now to prepare for the future

We understand the challenges facilities face in high-demand 4, 6 and 8K workflows, and we bring expertise in all operations and processes from ingest to cloud archive. In other words, we’re always listening and learning more about our industry to provide the best consulting services in the business.

Backup, archive and secure your data for business continuity

Creating content is both time consuming and expensive, especially as higher resolutions in film and photography increase file sizes. Digital Archives must protect these valuable digital assets and still allow content to be quickly and easily accessible from the archive for reuse.

Data is one of your most important assets when it comes to day-to-day operations in running your business. There are many statistics that show data loss can be catastrophic for many companies. The proof is in the numbers.


NX2 NAS Storage and File Server

Extreme performance for ethernet-based, media-rich workgroups

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ZX Media-optimized Storage

Preserve your data with business continuity

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Networking and Connectivity

Your connectivity within your workflow is critical

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RX Series Block-level Storage

A powerful line of storage designed for 4K/8K video production workflows

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Highly reliable storage solutions for unstructured data and reduce power consumption

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Our enterprise-class solutions can scale-out in clustered nodes and grow to capacities up to 9PB.

NAS Shared Storage

  • 100s of installations across M&E markets.
  • Hands-on technical support team.
  • 30+ years of experience in high-performance workflows.

Enhance your Workflow

  • High-availability with less than one-minute recovery/up-time.
  • Extreme scalability up to 5PB grow in place storage capacity with the ability to migrate in the background.
  • Self-healing file system with best of breed data integrity features.
  • Versatile access allowing Active Directory, users and groups, shares, and network works up to 100GbE.
  • Unlimited Snapshots easily protects your projects and media.
  • Single global namespace.

Valuable Features

  • Single multiple PiB capable namespace that enables creating workspaces, but only if the workflow calls for it.
  • Simple AD integration, user and group permission setting.
  • Network LAN trash and auditing that is easy to turn on and administer.
  • Grow in place storage capacity with ability to migrate in the background.
  • Block or file performance to a shared single file system enables flexibility.

Flexible Solutions

  • Best cost per TB and ROI including 5-year CAPEX support.
  • Easy scale out capacity with either storage or compute.
  • 16/32Gb/s FC and 1/10/25/40/100Gb/s GigE.
  • 1000s of installs across media and entertainment.
  • Qualified and certified with hundreds of industry applications.
  • Established partners for tape, archiving, and disaster recovery.