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NVMe Media Production Storage

High-performance media production storage with consistent throughput up to 24GB/s and low latency—vastly accelerating existing applications, all at an affordable price point.

Why High Performance is the Only Option

As professional post-production teams continue to struggle with perpetual data growth, they must rethink how data is captured, preserved, accessed, and transformed.

Now, creative workgroups can experience the full benefit of NVMe, enabling greater flexibility and faster data access, all while greatly decreasing production times resulting in more cycles, more business, and more profit to the bottom line.

NVMe High-Performance Online Production Storage

Purpose-built for high-resolution / high-performance workflows, our NVMe Media Production Storage provides exceptionally high speeds, paired with highly affordable storage capacity.

Time and time again, our customers experience extremely high ROI resulting from significantly decreased production times. This translates to more jobs accomplished, meaning more profit to the bottom line. And once a high-performance task is completed, content can easily be moved to less expensive SAS-attached JBOD storage to maintain ongoing ROI and ease-of-use.

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Designed for Superior Performance

Our NX2-HP and ZX-HP NVMe Media Production Storage Solutions are available in either one or two compact 2U 24 Bay Head Units designed to enable superior read and write caching, reaching up to 24GB/sec of throughput.

The NVMe cache layer doubles as a supercharged storage area for small files, solving wait times and slowdowns associated with small cache files, waveforms, thumbnails, and other metadata. The unit is fully scalable through the addition of highly versatile, large-capacity JBODs, as well as through cloud enablement options—all designed to ensure that capacity is logically used whether on-prem or on S3-compatible private and public clouds.


Adaptive Read Caching

Two algorithms to route projects and files to the NVMe cache vs. spinning disks.

Dedicated NVMe File System

File systems can be created for uncompressed 4K, 6K, 8K workflows and pinned entirely to NVMe.

Small File Caching

Easily accelerate small production files that can hinder shared storage systems—and supercharge applications such as Adobe®, Final Cut Pro® X, and more.


Metadata Acceleration

Metadata and attributes are vastly accelerated, which is critical in working with large folders, searches, analytics, and deletes.


24GB/sec Aggregate Throughput


3GB/sec Single Client Throughput


Over 100 Streams Pro-res UHD/4K


Over 10 Streams 4K 16-Bit DPX

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When Stream Counts Matter

See why Scale Logic’s solutions are the fastest in the industry.

Backplane Performance


UHD (3840x2160)


4K (4096x3112)



4K (4096x2160



Prores 422HQ
Prores 4444HQ
10-bit DPX
16-bit DPX
Prores 422HQ
Prores 4444HQ
10-bit DPX
16-bit DPX
10-bit DPX
Data Rate


22 MB/sec.
49.5 MB/sec.
778 MB/sec.
1166 MB/sec.
88 MB/sec.
133 MB/sec.
1195 MB/sec.
1790 MB/sec.
1050 MB/sec.
Size of 1 min.
1.28 GB
2.9 GB
45 GB
67 GB
6 GB
8 GB
68 GB
102 GB
61 GB
NX2 NVMe 24 Bay
12,000 MB/sec
ZX NVMe 24 Bay
24,000 MB/sec

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