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SAN Media Storage – RX Series

The industry’s fastest, most affordable block level, Fibre Channel or Ethernet-attached, high-availability SAN attached storage solution for uncompressed 4K/8K/12K video production workflows.

Fast + Economical is No Longer Impossible

For professional media production companies, maintaining the right on-prem IT environment is paramount to success. However, in doing so the cost should never impede performance. 

Our software defined 18GB/sec solution is purpose-built to enable seamless collaboration for low-latency workflows, with leveraging JBOD expansion for Quantum® StorNext®, HyperFS®, GPFS™ and Tiger Technology File System. Better yet, by using Intel® Scalable Processors as the core and engineering the highest performing streaming engine, we have created a solution that is the price and performance leader for adding work spaces in existing SAN.

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    RX5 All-Flash NVMe RAID

    Stop working with multiple uncompressed 4K/8K/12K streams in a high-performance setup without NVMe performance in your shared volumes—it does nothing but create a very large and very inefficient footprint.

    It takes up real estate, increasing power consumption and cooling—and also doesn’t get the bits flying off the timeline for your colorist! The RX5 is on-prem storage, helping you with smooth collaboration for your low-latency workflows, and delivering scalability via JBOD expansion—all at a significantly lower price point. With all-flash RX5 with NVMe you will shrink your footprint, all while achieving reliable high performance in a minimalist 2U form factor. RX5 also enables you to deploy all-flash and hybrid storage with high-speed block level into familiar, existing SAN environments. Empowered by innovative RAID technologies, RX5 storage provides stable performance for data intensive tasks and keeps the integrity of your business workflow—it’s cost-effective with predictable performance.

    Best of all—it’s 50%+ cheaper than any competitor offering and will work seamlessly with your existing SAN file system.

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