2020 Media & Entertainment Virtual Conference

Storage + Networking + Service + Support

With everything that is happening throughout the world, we should consider ourselves extremely lucky. We live in a time that even when events have to be postponed, we can virtually meet to see the same friendly faces and plan for the surge in business ahead.

With that, Scale Logic will be hosting its first M&E Virtual Conference on May 6, 2020, where attendees will be introduced to the foremost in new solutions for evolving media workflows, including Storage, Networking, Service, and Support.

Topics will include how to:

  • Effortlessly scale your customers’ capacity and performance through design, comprehensive planning, growth modeling, and advanced support services
  • Seamlessly integrate and manage cloud with advanced data ingestion, enhanced collaboration new approval technologies, and storage, and securely protect your customers’ data through advanced analytics, data prioritization, data management, and archiving
  • Proactively support your customers’ environment through advanced monitoring, reporting, comprehensive remediation, and how to properly extend your environment
  • Creatively enable low-resolution and high-resolution Remote Editing capabilities as an integral part of remote worker functionality and business continuity
Has the world changed? For the short term, but in the coming months, we will see not only a boom but also a backlog of projects that everyone must prepare for now. Our world doesn’t stop—and luck favors the prepared.

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