Production Clustered Storage
Extreme performance for Ethernet-based and media-rich workgroups that require scalability, reliability, and better TCO.

Enterprise Media Storage

ZX – 2 x 1U Cluster
  • SSD / HDD storage expansion
  • Performance up to 6 GB/sec
  • High-availability nodes
  • Built-in snapshot & replication
  • Support NICs up to 100 Gb/sec
  • Includes 12 / 18 / 24 NVMe devices
  • Performance up to 24 GB/sec
  • High-availability nodes
  • Built-in snapshot & replication
  • Support NICs up to 100 Gb/sec
ZX Enterprise-Class Production Media Storage
High-availability enterprise storage
Due to perpetual data growth, professional post-production teams are continually forced to rethink how data is captured, accessed, transformed and preserved. But with ZX Enterprise-class Production Media Storage, creative workgroups can achieve faster data access and greater flexibility, greatly decrease production times—and experience the benefits of more cycles, more business, and higher profits.
Video and Graphics Workflows
Sized for single or multiple departments—effortlessly supporting video, 3D, and VFX.
Blazing NAS Performance
Up to 24GB/s aggregate throughput with 100GBE backbone and 2100MB/s for single client support over 25GBE.
All Major Block and File-Based Protocols

Supports iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC), and client protocols including NFS, SMB (CIFS), and FXP/FTP.

Localized or Remote Mirrored Storage

Snapshot driven replication to on-prem or off-prem NX2 or ZX clusters to enable advanced business continuity.

Easy Cluster Management

Easy cluster configuration and management with intuitive GUI. Automation of configuration is possible via REST API.

Support for Various Cluster Environments

Standalone cluster, VMware, Hyper-V, and KVM.

NVMe - High-Performance Option

As professional post-production teams continue to struggle with perpetual data growth, they must rethink how data is captured, preserved, accessed, and transformed.

Now, creative workgroups can experience the full benefit of NVMe, enabling greater flexibility and faster data access, all while greatly decreasing production times resulting in more cycles, more business, and more profit to the bottom line.

SL-Hex_NAS Media Storage
Adobe Premiere
Adobe® Premiere®
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Avid® Media Composer® Workflows
Avid® Media
Composer® Workflows


DaVinci Resolve Workflows
DaVinci Resolve


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