Content capture, storage and playback solutions for broadcasting environments

We engineer and deploy storage solutions across the entire broadcast communications industry. Our solutions are designed specifically for customers who require high-performance, highly reliable data storage, archiving and network infrastructure for video/film post-production, broadcast, VFX, VOD, streaming, OTT and other IP-based workflows.

A case study on worklow challenges and solutions for Starz Entertainment

Their Challenge

Starz corporate headquarters had too many storage ‘islands’ for IT, DR, graphics, video, audio, and general file vault storage. With so many vendors supporting various software and hardware the support requirements were not only expensive but also very difficult to navigate when they had issues. Constant monitoring of throughput, reliability, and capacity demands needed to be managed daily.

Our Solution

Our expertise brought instant relief to Starz and was able to bring the same technology into the corporate and DR infrastructure as the creative side. The primary storage platform provided 5 9’s uptime, 32 ports of 8Gbit FC, 256GB RAM, upgrade potential to 1000 disks, SSD, 10K, and 7200 large cap drive support, SSD chassis for metadata and databases, and 100,000 IOPS and 12GB /sec sequential bandwidth potential.

More important than hardware was solving the workflow challenges which this accomplished. For the first time Starz was truly able to support up to 10 departments needs for online data storage with the reliability, throughput, and capacity each department needs. The SLI HyperFS file system hosted by Genesis HyperMDC servers in a HA setup provides the reliable, scalable, and support requirements for all creative departments at Starz allowing one SAN software to control PB’s of storage. The potential to add Scale-Out NAS to the SAN back end rounds out the benefits Starz was looking for.

Installed site components

  • SAN shared storage
  • Metadata server cluster
  • Enterprise file system
  • FC and Ethernet Switches
  • Adobe CC workgroup, Autodesk, Nuke

Reasons to work with us:

  • Decades of storage, network and server experience focused in broadcast environments
  • 24x7 Interoperability lab
  • Qualified and certified with hundreds of industry applications
  • Cross brand, multi-vendor support
  • Established partners for tape, archiving, and disaster recovery

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"When we decided to purchase the new system from Scale Logic we swapped a majority of our other studio equipment out as well. New work stations, monitors, cameras etc. The only easy part of that process was our working with Scale Logic. We got quotes in a short period of time, they were detailed, easy to read and contained all the info we needed. I was extremely concerned about the change over from our old system to the new SAN because it was happening in the middle of two important projects for us and we couldn't afford much downtime. It was seamless. Zero glitches and really easy for my crew to manage. Tell me any other IT based system that can claim that?"