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Customized services and extended warranty support for Life Science data storage

OEMs like Dell/EMC are notorious for pressing customers into purchasing new hardware by leveraging the threat of very expensive 4th year and above service/support contracts. However, a fair percentage of the install base, if given the option to cost-effectively extend maintenance, would do so in order to extend the life of their storage rather than replace it. This is where Scale Logic and D-Mark meets with the end customer to consult on the best course of action.

D-Mark BiosciencesD-MARK is one of the only companies on the planet addressing the intersection of sample preparation and data management. They recognize there is as much complexity in the informatics as there is in the sample prep and both workflows are reciprocal with respect to data quality. By working with us, together we thoroughly and distinctly provide a portfolio of tools to meet the needs of our customers within Life Sciences.

Serving Genomics and other Biological data collection workflows where scalable storage is required.

We are proud to work with a leading industry provider of advanced solutions for genomics and molecular biology. Our partnership will ensure customized support for extending warranty contracts on storage infrastructure, options for growing current storage with re-certified nodes and clusters, assisting in discovering value in aging legacy platforms and providing other services such as data migration, certified data erasure and disk destruction.

Reasons to work with us:

  • Decades of storage, network and server experience focused on big data storage environments
  • Innovative solutions for life science workflows from the collection of biological materials through to the analysis and storage of data
  • We know what it takes to support massive storage growth
  • Established solutions for tape, archiving, and disaster recovery

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