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High-Performance Media Workflows

24GB/s Scale Logic NVMe NAS connected via 100GBE backbone offers extreme high-performance media workflows to 25GBE connected clients, hitting speeds up to 2100MB/sec.

The Scale Logic Edge

Benefit from technology advances that continue to enable our high-performance media workflows, including:


Flash pool

Using the NVMe devices in the NX2/ZX NVMe to create a dedicated file system or volume allows a very fast mount point with low latency and high throughput—up to 12GB/sec aggregate performance.


Small file pinning

To “pin” a file or folder means to assign it to flash as opposed to spinning disks. An additional setting can be applied to the NX2 to automatically set small files to also be stored on the metadata NVMe partition. This greatly reduces the latency for small files. This setting is ideal for .xml, .json, .pek, thumbnails and waveform files in Final Cut Pro® X and Adobe® Premiere®, but any small file will benefit. Plus, no additional setup for users.


Read cache

NX2 and ZX NAS devices cache data that is either used recently or accessed most frequently. That’s where the term Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC) comes from. In addition to traditional read caching where only the most recently used objects are cached, the NX2 ARC also pays attention to how often the data has been accessed. This greatly increases the cache effectiveness for post- and VFX work, creating very high IOPs for keeping your team efficient.

Optimized file writes

Writes not optimized for media workflows can kill the performance of spinning disks (which make up the most common capacity layer of a shared storage solution). With Scale Logic, file writes will use a large chunk of flash to create transaction groups that commit to disk, generally writing contiguous (sequential) ranges where possible. Random writes often show up as sequential writes to our systems.

File system acceleration

Working with millions of files? Most M&E workflows do—and even if you don’t, Scale Logic knows how to accelerate metadata and small files. Placing this metadata and small files on NVMe instead of spinning disks greatly reduces all latency for file system operations like file browsing, searching, gathering usage statistics, and even the bulk deletion of thousands of files.

Blazing-fast Ethernet performance

Backbone upgrades using Scale Logic shared storage systems incorporate 100Gbit Ethernet backbones with 25Gbit to the clients and servers. 25Gbit has a backward compatible link with 10Gbit Ethernet equipment and OM-3 optical cabling, making it the ideal upgrade. Today’s standard Ethernet powers the future of NAS protocols, including RDMA technologies such as RoCE.

The Mission-Critical Nature of Data Protection

Whether it be the ability to quickly and easily access files, archive data for future use, or to periodically re-use assets to accelerate new projects—properly protecting your data is imperative to your success.

Gain An Edge With Scale Logic

Scale Logic’s media storage is so high performance, it effectively addresses the requirements of 2K, UHD, 4K, and 8K images and beyond—and at the lowest price per GB of any global vendor.

Backplane Performance


UHD (3840x2160)


4K (4096x3112)



4K (4096x2160



Prores 422HQ
Prores 4444HQ
10-bit DPX
16-bit DPX
Prores 422HQ
Prores 4444HQ
10-bit DPX
16-bit DPX
10-bit DPX
Data Rate


22 MB/sec.
49.5 MB/sec.
778 MB/sec.
1166 MB/sec.
88 MB/sec.
133 MB/sec.
1195 MB/sec.
1790 MB/sec.
1050 MB/sec.
Size of 1 min.
1.28 GB
2.9 GB
45 GB
67 GB
6 GB
8 GB
68 GB
102 GB
61 GB
NX2 NVMe 24 Bay
12,000 MB/sec
ZX NVMe 24 Bay
24,000 MB/sec
High Performance Workflow

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Interoperability Lab

Product research, development, and support for media-driven workflows.

Innovative and multifunctional, our Interoperability Lab with 2PB of HDD, SSD, NVMe, NX2 and ZX storage is used by our developers, ISP and OEM Channel Partners for Proof of Concept (POC), benchmarking, development, testing and more.
  • 2+ PBs of physical on-prem storage
  • Networking up to 100 GigE and 32 Gig FC
  • Continuous testing with latest NLE and Workflow Tools
  • Working NAS, Scale-Out NAS, NVMe and Archive 
  • Current M&E applications for editing, MAM, Archive, etc.
  • Available remote access as a POC testbed or workflow tests
  • Allows Scale Logic to provide POC for end-user workflows