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Free yourself from iSCSI initiator

With no iSCSI initiator required, the Scale Logic NAS frees you from block level access and having to support yet another third-party software and utility—while still enjoying extreme high performance.

The Legacy Standard is No Longer the Standard

iSCSI is a legacy network protocol standard that enables the transport of block-level I/O over TCP/IP. Modern protocols such as SMB, iSER, and RDMA far outperform iSCSI in most environments.

macOS® now runs SMB protocols as fast as legacy iSCSI. The applications and NLEs are also tuned and ready for high performance. Scale Logic has surpassed the performance of iSCSI with the use of 10Gbit and 25Gbit Ethernet infrastructures, without the need for any added client third-party software. Scale Logic NAS Storage’s extreme high-performance Ethernet environments can rival the performance of a Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN at a significantly lower complexity and cost.


  • ATTO 360™—Tune the macOS kernel for extreme SMB performance with a click of a button
  • ATTO ThunderLink®—ADS technology ensures no dips in performance, allowing great video playback performance
  • NX2—Metadata and SMB tuned media NAS with single controller head, perfect for networks up to 12GB/sec utilizing up to 100Gbit Ethernet
  • ZX—All the great features of NX2 NAS but offering high-availability failover head nodes
  • Media Browser—Media workflow, searching, tagging, and playback just got easier
  • RAP—Remote ready teams made easy

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