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Shared Storage with an embedded application server

An all-in-one storage appliance designed to allow the installation of a MAM, PAM, Transcode, or other media-centric application in a 2U or 4U footprint

Storage and Application Server for video post productionOur team has been working with storage and M&E workflows for decades. SYNERGY represents an unprecedented milestone in the journey of this hard work and research which brings an advanced storage and application appliance to small and medium sized work groups.


SYNERGY can learn the I/O patterns/behavior for an application while admins can give those applications a “real-time” status or “non real-time” status. This means “non real-time” applications auto-throttle down to allow real-time apps the bandwidth. Many popular applications come pre-learned, like Finder, Explorer, Resolve, Premiere, in addition admins can add their own apps as well.

Workflow and archiving with our 4U Synergy

SYNERGY is an all-in-one, dedicated, media-centric appliance built for environments using industry-leading MAM, PAM, ingest, transcode or other related workflow applications. By combining the enterprise file system, HyperFS, with powerful RAID technology and flexibility of a two compute node configuration, SYNERGY is a go to appliance for any customers needing freedom of choices with workflow applications.


Shared Storage and Application Server

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