Data Protection Solutions
Comprehensive data protection solutions include archive and backup solutions, long-term data preservation, replication for data integrity, data recovery with snapshots, and ongoing support.

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Maintaining business continuity is essential in the rapidly evolving digital landscape of media and entertainment, sports entertainment, VFX, and post-production industries. Scale Logic delivers comprehensive data protection solutions, going beyond traditional backups. Our archive and backup solutions are meticulously crafted to strengthen your critical data, ensure its accessibility, and secure its long-term integrity.

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Key Features and Benefits
Data Archive: Safeguarding Your Digital Assets for the Future
Data archives specialize in preserving and providing access to data over the long term, making them ideal for organizations such as media and broadcast companies dealing with extensive data volumes. With Scale Logic’s archive solutions, you gain the ability to:
  • Seamlessly access archived data, unlocking past creative endeavors and facilitating future projects.
  • Revitalize dormant assets periodically, accelerating new creative ventures.
  • Protect your data from media degradation and corruption using robust checksums.
  • Enhance data security through local and remote replication.
  • Embrace unparalleled data integrity through our 3-2-1 solution, ensuring peace of mind for your creative projects.
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Data Backup: Your Safeguard for Data Recovery

Data backup is your reliable guardian during unforeseen challenges, ready to recover lost or corrupted data in the face of disasters or technical setbacks. It focuses on creating duplicate copies of your mission-critical data, ensuring accessibility when needed. With Scale Logic’s backup solutions, you gain the power to:

  • Safeguard the seamless operation of your day-to-day activities and critical infrastructure.
  • Create backup points or snapshots regularly, preserving a comprehensive data history.
  • Effortlessly retrieve files and folders from previous versions, minimizing downtime.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted data protection through our ongoing support and rapid parts replacement warranties.
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