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Case Study: RedLab

Scale Logic fully understood the intricacies of REDLAB’s facility and extent of their needs—specifically, to meet their customers’ quality standards, particularly when handling RAW 4K and 8K material.

Learn how Black Spot Media utilized ObviousFuture's CaraOne to eliminate the laborious process of manual tagging, maximizing time and eliminating inconsistencies due to varying interpretations by individuals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) are redefining the media and entertainment landscape, reshaping how content is conceived, produced, and consumed.

Discover how integrating Cloud Data Management Platforms and AI-enabled media management unlocks unprecedented efficiency and creativity in media production.

For countless years, media and entertainment entities have grappled with the daunting task of navigating through an ocean of tags...

The Customer The Integrator About ZX HA NAS Scale Logic’s feature-rich, extreme performance ZX enterprise-class media storage NAS offers enterprise...

More than just storage––VAST presents a viable solution for those seeking a more efficient way to store and manage their data. Along with providing storage capabilities, VAST incorporates a native metadata indexing catalog that enables users to track element history throughout the production lifecycle.

Industry leaders Iconik, Scale Logic, and ASAPro leverage highly-integrated hybrid workflows—purpose built to help content creators maximize their efficiency and flexibility.

The Rule of Nines

Explore the “rule of nines” for single-storage and storage cluster systems—and how a distributed, shared-everything architecture can help your organization achieve maximum uptime year-round.

Making Data Indestructible

More than ever before, organizations are facing an unprecedented number of cyber security threats. Further, the global network of ransomware attackers and cybercriminals has become increasingly sophisticated, resulting in the need for companies to invest in equally sophisticated cybersecurity measures to combat the problem.

Case Study: Illuminarium

In this case study, learn how Illuminarium utilized Scale Logic's NX2 as the essential centerpiece to their content pipeline. This has also enabled significant business growth and expansion for Illuminarium.

Case Study: U.S. Figure Skating

In this case study, learn how U.S. Figure Skating organization reaped multiple rewards by investing in Scale Logic’s WorkflowConnect platform—doubling its storage capacity, providing additional flexibility for working remotely, while also enabling unprecedented workflow process efficiency.