Secure Data Backup
A comprehensive, industry-tailored data protection solution, ensuring the safeguarding and ready availability of valuable media files.

Unlocking Data Backup Success

Data is the lifeblood of creativity and success in media, post-production, and sports entertainment. However, these industries present unique challenges that demand a robust data backup strategy. Unfortunately, many organizations encounter common pitfalls in their data backup efforts.

These pitfalls include irregular backups, inadequate testing, limited use of offsite or cloud storage, subpar security measures, and failure to prioritize critical data. Organizations also fall victim to their neglect of versioning and retention policies, absence of a disaster recovery plan, insufficient employee training, heavy reliance on manual backup processes, and disregard for data growth considerations. To avoid these challenges, organizations should establish a tailored and dynamic backup solution that addresses their specific requirements and adapts to evolving data management needs.

Scale Logic's Secure Data Back-Up Solution

With its deep understanding of your industry, Scale Logic offers a specialized and highly secure data backup solution designed to tackle your unique challenges head-on. Our Secure Data Backup Solution ensures the safety and accessibility of your valuable media assets, empowering your creative endeavors and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Count on our expertise to protect your data, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – unleashing your creativity and achieving success in your industry.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive support, including proprietary product burn-in for enhanced data resiliency, 24/7/365 health monitoring, regular health checks, and rapid parts replacement warranties to guarantee the security and accessibility of your data. Our high-availability production server is the cornerstone of your data protection strategy, delivering uninterrupted access to critical media assets while minimizing downtime. Trust Scale Logic to safeguard your data so you can focus on driving innovation and excellence in your field.

Immediate Access

Our solution prioritizes quick access to your media files by incorporating local pool backups. This guarantees rapid recovery in the event of hardware failures or accidental deletions.


Proximity Matters

Data recovery proximity is essential, and our system considers this by performing backups within the exact location. This extra layer of protection ensures the accessibility and security of your data, even in situations where local pool backups may not be sufficient.

Remote Site Backups

Our solution includes remote site backups to bolster your data’s resilience against broader disasters or regional issues. Your media files are replicated remotely, providing data redundancy and enhancing disaster recovery readiness.

Data Integrity

We go the extra mile to maintain data integrity with features like checksums, which detect and repair data corruption. This ensures that your data remains reliable and accurate.

Flexible Data Protection

You can choose between onsite and offsite data protection options, tailoring the backup strategy to your specific needs and preferences.

Point-in-Time Recovery

Our solution also offers snapshot capabilities for point-in-time recovery. This means you can restore your data to a specific moment, providing added control and flexibility in data restoration efforts.

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Scale Logic's Secure Data Backup Solution

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