Cloud Data Management Platform
Seamlessly accelerate content ingestion, camera-to-cloud workflow, archive, and content collaboration—all while providing insightful cost visibility and advanced business intelligence (BI) for any storage.
Managing data is never easy... or is it?

In the world of media and entertainment, encompassing VFX, post-production, sports entertainment, and beyond, organizations continually grapple with intricate challenges. These challenges include the absence of insightful cost visibility and advanced business intelligence (BI) across diverse storage types and the complexities of managing content ingestion, camera-to-cloud workflows, archival processes, and content collaboration.

Companies are now seeking a unified, forward-thinking platform that enables them to manage their storage ecosystem efficiently, track data locations, understand associated costs, and facilitate accelerated data movement.

These multifaceted hurdles necessitate forward-thinking solutions, and if your organization is on a quest to conquer them, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Explore how our comprehensive solution can empower you to effectively navigate these challenges, streamline your operations, and embrace data-driven decision-making. Welcome to a new era of heightened efficiency and productivity in the realm of media and entertainment.

The Scale Logic Solution

Scale Logic helps you understand your data’s value, storage costs, and time and expenses. Whether you’re archiving data on-premises or to public or private clouds, facilitating camera-to-cloud workflows, supporting VFX artists, collaborating, or distributing content, Scale Logic provides users with a comprehensive and easy-to-use data management platform that is flexible enough to contend with the complexities of managing multiple storage targets, wherever they are.

Profound Cost Insights

Gain deep insights into your data's costs.

Storage Agnostic Controls

Control data across diverse storage platforms.

Monitor Accelerated Data Movement

Keep track of data transfers in real-time.

Powerful Capabilities

Data Acceleration

Dynamic threading and scanning with multi-part and UDP file/object acceleration.

Anywhere-to-Anywhere Data Movement

Seamlessly move data from edge to core to cloud and back.

Agents for Access to Any Storage

Support for Windows, Linux, and Mac to access any NAS, SAN, DAS, or local storage.

Policy-Based Data Management

Schedule automated data movement to meet your SLAs.

Checksum & Encryption

Ensure the data security and integrity across your storage ecosystem.

Multi-Cloud Support

Compatibility with AWS, Azure, GCP, Backblaze, Wasabi, StorJ, and other S3-compatible object storage providers for all cloud storage tiers.

The Scale Logic Difference

We are committed to being the world’s leading, most secure cloud data management platform, enabling powerful data-cost insights and seamless collaboration—providing the ability to work faster and more efficiently by removing the common barriers of dispersed data.

Dry Run

Understand the cost and time of data transfers before execution.

Storage Cost Analytics

Set custom price books to track storage and transfer costs.


Track storage and data movement by users, groups, projects, or departments to know how much it costs to store and move data.

Open API

Easily integrate with third-party solutions with call-in and call-back.

Custom Cloud Tagging

Gain granular visibility and control with custom cloud tagging.


Track storage and data movement by users, groups, projects, or departments to know how much it costs to store and move data.

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