Storage Analytics
A highly sophisticated web-based Business Intelligence (BI) application delivering a seamless unified view of all storage, while providing intelligent data awareness with actionable insight.
Storage is important
MANAGE IT intelligently

For any post-production environment, the complexity and associated cost of storage can be overwhelming. Whether it be unstructured or structured data, duplications, changed files, old and unused files, and more—a solution is needed to save space, save time, and save money.

Business Intelligence
Storage analytics
the industry’s leading BI solution

Our storage analytics solution is purpose-built for post-production project-based application—seamlessly federating all data through a single pane of glass. Better yet, the solution also evaluates the project costs as they relate to all files stored in different directories within your infrastructure—identifying cost savings and opportunities almost immediately. No more risk of inconsistent or incorrect decisions—just reduced storage costs.

It’s all in the visuals
easily manage project information

It’s no shock that managing project information is easier when presented in a visual format. That’s why our analytics solution has been designed to provide an instant and intuitive project-wide view of all related files that may be scattered across multiple storages. The visual interface will enable you to:

  • Federate data from different storage units
  • Visualize each project allocated space
  • Accurately account for and cost all data associated with any given project
  • Make a decision effectively based on metadata and information

Top 3 Business Benefits of Intelligent Data Management For Post-Pproduction Media Environments

search engine

Our powerful high-speed search engine, users can quickly find any file across all storage. The search engine enables you to:

  • Sort and find data based on intelligent insights and metadata
  • Visualize each project allocated space
  • Use charts to easily filter your search
  • Download your search result as CSV file
File Management

With our file management system, users can seamlessly navigate and discover files within the entirety of the storage infrastructure. The intuitive Discovery View enables a simplified user experience while intelligently displaying all metadata in a graphical format. The file management provides:

  • A centralized view of all storage
  • File explorer view to navigate in the infrastructure
  • A timeline view of a folder with its history
  • Useful facts about folder changes
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