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The Media & Entertainment and Post-Production industry grapples with some tough challenges in data management, preservation, and production processes. These challenges include the constant need for efficient storage, streamlined production workflows, and reliable backup and archive systems.

Scale Logic’s WorkflowConnect platform comes to the rescue as a personalized solution tailored to address the specific pain points of organizations in the Media & Entertainment and Post-Production sector. Its robust storage solutions, enhanced production capabilities, and dependable archive and backup systems help companies create efficient workflows, boost productivity, and ensure the long-term security of their valuable media assets. This ecosystem is all about meeting the unique needs of each organization in the industry, allowing them to focus on what truly matters—creating outstanding content.

Storage Solutions

Our storage offerings are designed to cater to the unique demands of the industry. Whether you’re dealing with a continuous flow of media content, the need for quick access to archived data, or require scalable, high-performance storage, our WorkflowConnect collection of storage options has you covered. These solutions not only ensure seamless content creation and collaboration but also provide you with the flexibility and reliability required to meet your organization’s evolving storage needs.

Production Storage

In a world where media content flows continuously, WorkflowConnect’s production storage solutions scale and perform to handle the demands of media production, making your content creation and collaboration a breeze.

Nearline Storage

Quick access to archived content is essential. Nearline storage solutions ensure swift retrieval, avoiding production bottlenecks.

Clustered Storage

Scalability and reliability are key. WorkflowConnect’s clustered storage solutions grow with your organization while keeping your data safe and accessible.

All-Flash Scale-Out NAS

Need to work with high-res content in real-time? Scale Logic’s All-Flash Scale-Out NAS delivers the performance you need.

Private Cloud Storage

Securely store and access media assets from anywhere with WorkflowConnect’s private cloud storage solutions, fostering remote collaboration and production flexibility.

Production Solutions

Our WorkflowConnect suite of tools is your secret weapon for streamlining and enhancing your production processes. With AI Content Search, navigating through a vast sea of assets becomes effortless, enabling you to quickly locate the content you need as—soon as you need it.

Our Remote Editing solutions grant you the flexibility to work from anywhere, reducing the necessity for an on-site presence and fostering collaboration among team members. Meanwhile, Storage Analytics tools empower you to maximize your storage resources, ensuring efficient utilization and cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, our Data Management platform is your all-in-one solution for efficiently managing, migrating and safeguarding your media assets, whether on-premises or in the cloud. These carefully designed solutions are the keys to unlocking a streamlined and agile production process, allowing you to deliver top-notch content to your audience consistently.

Our systems are optimized to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of MAMs, PAMs, DAMs, Transcode, and Archival software currently on the market. Furthermore, we ensure compatibility with the latest versions of the leading Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software and video production suites for a smoother editing and video production.

Optional Addons/Upgrades:

High Availability
Storage Analytics
Data Management
Remote Editing
Archive Solutions

Our WorkflowConnect offers robust Archive Solutions following the industry-standard 3-2-1 backup methodology. This means having three copies of your data stored across two media types or locations, one offsite.

Our archiving solutions act as a secure vault, ensuring safe and enduring storage of your media assets while adhering to this best practice. With WorkflowConnect, you can rest assured that compliance with industry regulations is maintained, and your peace of mind is intact, knowing that your precious content will never vanish into thin air.

Additionally, our Backup Solutions provide a reliable safety net, guaranteeing data integrity and swift recovery in case of unforeseen data loss or disasters. With our Archive and Backup Solutions, you can preserve your creative work and confidently ensure business continuity.


Safely store and preserve your media assets long-term with WorkflowConnect’s archiving solutions, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.


Keep your data secure with WorkflowConnect’s comprehensive backup solutions, ensuring data integrity and swift recovery in case of unexpected events.

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