A groundbreaking data platform that redefines data-intensive computing, offering seamless access, exceptional performance, and global data-defined computing capabilities to empower advanced data solutions.
Revolutionize Your Media Workflow with Scale Logic and VAST

In an era defined by digital innovation, industries such as media and entertainment, sports entertainment, VFX, and post-production grapple with monumental data volumes, the urgency of real-time deep data analysis, and the pressing demand for seamless data access and preservation of their invaluable digital assets.

An exponential surge in data has become the norm within the landscape, encompassing high-definition video, intricate graphics, dynamic animations, and an array of digital assets. The challenge lies in efficiently managing, organizing, and preserving this data, a task where traditional storage methods often prove inadequate. In this environment, the long-term preservation of historical media assets becomes paramount, serving as a critical resource for future projects, references, and adherence to regulatory compliance.

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VAST All-Flash Scale-Out File & Object Data Storage.
The VAST Data Platform: A Game-Changing Solution

In partnership with VAST Data, Scale Logic presents the VAST Data Platform—a groundbreaking approach to data-intensive computing. This comprehensive software infrastructure empowers you to capture, catalog, refine, enrich, and preserve data through real-time deep data analysis and deep learning. Designed for seamless and universal data access and computing, it covers everything from edge to cloud, offering flexibility for enterprises and cloud service providers to deploy on their chosen infrastructure.

Unlocking Key Solutions

High Performance & High Capacity

The VAST Data Platform reimagines flash economics, making all-flash infrastructure as affordable as an archive. This unlocks access to exabyte-scale data volumes while eliminating complex storage hierarchies that have burdened the industry for decades.

Transactional & Analytical

With its innovative distributed systems architecture (DASE), the platform eliminates communication dependencies between machines, allowing parallel read and write operations at any scale. Deep write buffers enable data transactions in streams optimized for deep data analytics and deep learning.

Globally Consistent & Locally Performant

The VAST Data Platform introduces decentralized global transaction management, extending deep buffers and data synchronization across all data locations. This ensures consistent, high-performance data transactions at any site.

Simple & Resilient at Any Scale

Designed for 99.99999999% uptime and scalability into the exabyte range, the VAST DASE architecture integrates seamlessly into enterprise applications. It modernizes legacy infrastructure, enables consolidation without disruption, and brings AI capabilities to your enterprise data.

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