Data Archive Solutions
A secure repository for your digital media, making it readily accessible whenever needed and ensuring the longevity of your critical assets.

Your Backup is NOT Your Archive!

Data Archive is paramount for organizations in today’s data-driven world, especially for industries like media and broadcast companies dealing with extensive data volumes. Unlike backups, which primarily focus on data recovery and redundancy, Archive has a distinct and essential purpose.

Archive solutions are purposely designed to preserve completed work for the long term, effectively taking it offline. It operates selectively, targeting data ready for archiving. This suits it, particularly for industries managing massive datasets, such as legacy media and broadcast footage.

Avoid These Common Data Protection Mistakes.
Relying Solely on RAID 6

While RAID 6 offers some protection, it falls short in safeguarding against complete RAID failure, leaving your data vulnerable.

Storing Hard Drives Inactively

Inactive hard drives can suffer spindle-bearing issues, potentially leading to data loss. Proper maintenance is essential.

Neglecting Aging Storage

Aging components within your storage infrastructure can increase failure rates. Regular updates are necessary to maintain data integrity.

Underestimating the Need for a UPS

Stable and clean power is paramount to prevent data corruption during unexpected outages. A high-quality UPS is a wise investment.

Settling for Two Data Copies

Two data copies may not suffice. Maintaining three copies provides essential redundancy, ensuring robust data loss prevention and disaster recovery.

Believing Cyber Threats Only Target Large Corporations

Cyber threats don’t discriminate by organization size. Regardless of scale, all businesses should implement robust protection measures to safeguard their data from malicious actors.

The Scale Logic Solution

Scale Logic’s Data Archive Solution offers comprehensive data management, seamlessly preserving and accessing archived data, protecting it with robust checksums, and ensuring data integrity through local and remote replication. Trust us to safeguard your digital assets, making them accessible and secure for your industry’s unique demands.

Our state-of-the-art Data Archiving solutions offer a wealth of benefits, including:

Continuous Testing and Improvement

Regularly test and update your disaster recovery plan to adapt to evolving needs and ensure optimal readiness.

Data Safeguarding

Protect your data from media degradation and corruption with the fortitude of robust checksums.

Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Establishment of a resilient disaster recovery team to ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Enhanced Data Security

Bolster data security with local and remote replication flexibility, ensuring data protection from all angles.

Resource Identification

Identification of mission-critical applications, documents, and resources to prioritize data protection.

Risk Mitigation

Thorough evaluation of potential disaster risks to preemptively address vulnerabilities.

Seamless Data Access

Effortlessly access archived data, reinvigorating past creative ventures and expediting future projects.

Strategic Backup Plan

Crafting a well-outlined backup strategy coupled with efficient off-site storage protocols.

Unmatched Data Integrity

Embrace unparalleled data integrity through our 3-2-1 solution, guaranteeing peace of mind for your creative projects.

Your Archive Starts Here!

Enhance your data protection strategy with Scale Logic’s proven expertise and solutions. Join the trusted organizations relying on us to secure their data. Reach out today to start your journey towards data security, accessibility, and unlocking creative potential.