WorkflowConnect Platform

A cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize media and entertainment, sports entertainment, VFX, and post-production workflows by offering a comprehensive ecosystem for managing advanced media data. At its core, WorkflowConnect addresses three critical aspects of media data management: Storage, production, and archive.

Store - Produce - Protect.
The WorkflowConnect Advantage

Scale Logic’s WorkflowConnect Platform provides a comprehensive and interconnected solution for the media and entertainment industry. Addressing storage, production, and archival needs with a focus on interoperability empowers companies to achieve seamless integration of media data management, enabling them to meet the challenges and opportunities of modern media production.

The true strength of WorkflowConnect lies in its hardware and software components interoperability. This seamless integration creates a perfect ecosystem for the media and entertainment industry, enabling companies to experience the following benefits:

Streamlined Workflows

WorkflowConnect connects storage, production, and archiving seamlessly, eliminating bottlenecks and reducing downtime in media production.

Efficient Collaboration

Teams across various locations can work together efficiently, thanks to remote editing and content management capabilities.

Data Security and Compliance

Robust data protection and archiving features ensure that media companies can meet compliance requirements and protect valuable assets.


WorkflowConnect’s flexible architecture allows companies to scale their storage and production capabilities to meet evolving media demands.

Media Data Storage Solutions

WorkflowConnect provides robust storage solutions catering to production and near-line storage needs.

These solutions are designed to handle massive amounts of data generated in the media and entertainment industry, ensuring high performance, reliability, and scalability.

Key components include.

Production & Nearline Storage

Our production and near-line storage solutions  ensure seamless content creation and editing with blazing-fast transfer speeds and high capacity.

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Clustered Storage

Scalable and resilient storage infrastructure that ensures seamless access to media assets, even in high-demand scenarios.

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High-Performance Data Platform

Our High-Performance Data Platform combines the speed of flash storage with the scalability of NAS, perfect for demanding media production environments.

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Private Cloud Storage

A secure and flexible storage solution that allows for easy scaling and data accessibility.

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Media Production Solutions

WorkflowConnect enhances media production workflows by facilitating advanced features like AI content search, remote editing, and storage analytics. This ensures that media professionals can work efficiently and collaboratively.

AI Content Search

Leveraging artificial intelligence, users can quickly search and locate specific media assets, streamlining content discovery.

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Remote Editing

Seamlessly edit and collaborate on media projects from anywhere, enabling remote teams to work together efficiently.

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Storage Analytics

Gain insights into storage usage and performance, optimizing resource allocation and workflow efficiency.

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Cloud Data Management Platform

Enables rapid and efficient data movement to and from cloud environments while offering robust cloud cost analytics to optimize resource allocation and control expenses.

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Media Data Protection Solutions

WorkflowConnect strongly emphasizes data protection, ensuring the security and integrity of media assets.

Secure Data Back-Up

Implement robust data backup strategies to safeguard against data loss or corruption, a critical concern in media and entertainment.

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Data Archive

Efficiently archive and manage historical media content, ensuring compliance and long-term accessibility.

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OUR Customers
Scale Logic Customer logos.
Hill Holliday
Chris Elam
VP, Information Technology

Like everyone else, the pandemic affected parts of our business, such as slowing down our rollout. But the way Scale Logic quickly responded in working out the hiccups was outstanding. Thanks to Scale Logic’s professionalism and expertise in handling these challenges, we’re now doing great—and I am proud to speak highly of them to other agencies.

John Inwood
Beltway Park Church

Scale Logic provided a flexible and upgradeable system across a seven-year lifespan. They worked with us at the Engineer to CIO level to ensure compatibility, uptime and reliability. Some organizations like ours either have experts in-house or externally contract these types of services. Scale Logic is positioned to support its customers regardless of the customer’s level of internal support/expertise.


Walmart Event Solutions
Justin Elliott
Chief Engineer

Scale Logic has been there to support us throughout our media management journey. Being able to mount multiple projects, with global speed and access to assets, is critically important to Walmart Event Solutions. Because of our long-term relationship, Scale Logic is always proposing new solutions to help us. As internet speeds get faster and file sizes continue to grow, we know Walmart Event Solutions is well-positioned for the future of storage.

AT Media
Annie Carroll

We chose Scale Logic based on a recommendation from a colleague in the industry. We are happy we went with them, given the support and guidance we received throughout the process. We highly recommend working with them, whether you are a huge corporation or a small company. As a small company, we really appreciated that they took their time and walked us through the different options in order for us to make the best decision.

Andy Hunter
Partner, Senior Artist

Implementing a high-speed HyperFS SAN made our workflows here at Redlab much more efficient, but the risk of downtime/data loss due to an MDC failure was unacceptable. Adding HA (adding a second MDC) made that problem disappear…literally. I think we have failed over twice in the past 6 years and only engineering noticed! Not even a blip in my flame suite. Now that we have 24/7 health monitoring, I expect we’ll hear from Scale Logic before our engineers!

All That's Good Production Co.
Darren Dobroski
Video Editor

We’ve been working on a larger project and the RAP has been pretty awesome. We’re editing a limited series using Premiere Productions AND the RAP Client’s remote sync features altogether, and we’re very happy with how everything is going.