Private Cloud Storage
Welcome to the world's leading media-focused Object Storage platform that benefits organizations financially and operationally by modernizing video workflows and providing instant access to all media assets.

Built on mature, feature-rich and future-proof object-based storage technology, our Object Storage solution delivers operational efficiencies, full digital content governance, multiple media-based workflows, and secure access to all archived content from anywhere.

With its active archiving functionality for long-term data retention, the solution enables you to offload, migrate, store and centralize files from various sites within a less expensive, secondary tier—freeing up valuable space while decreasing costs as well as the need for additional IT resources. Moreover, with its many security features, it ensures access is controlled as well as protected against threats resulting in data loss. The solution also includes built-in support for WORM and S3 object locking to enable continuous data integrity.


Not all Object Storage platforms are created equal, with many alternatives offering scale, redundancy, and protection as critical features. As a result, we have added so much more value to our customers—which is why our solution has been adopted by production teams and media organizations (both small and large) worldwide to ensure content is available on-demand, from anywhere, at any time.

Object Storage simplifies the complex by providing the highest levels of digital content governance (audit, immutability, etc.), multi-tenancy, analytics, metadata management, search, sharing, and collaboration in a manageable and easy-to-use package.


Our competitor’s public cloud storage offerings can be unpredictable, slow, and expensive for on-demand workflows, which is why our customers love the performance and financial predictability of Scale Logic’s on-prem and private cloud platforms. Scale Logic’s Object Storage is deployed as an appliance and can be linked to cloud infrastructure as required.

  • Intelligent data and metadata protection ensure you will always use and share your content securely with internal and external teams
  • The future-proof and non-disruptive scale ensures you will never run out of room for your largest projects
  • Apply business rules to ensure data and content are properly protected from “rogue” players—and easy to audit
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity ensure organizations can keep working in the event of a local outage
  • Unique Process-in-Place (PiP) functionality processes the data where it lives, meaning you can find your content even if your MAM, DAM, or PAM is down
  • Standard interfaces, formats and cross-compatibility ensure access to content is available from multiple protocols (SMB, NFS, FTP, S3, MXFS, and API access)
  • Works with the tech you work with to ensure a smooth and seamless integration into your daily workflows—including Avid, Adobe, Vizrt, Vidispine, and more.
  • Creative staff have self-serve access to content from anywhere, ensuring they can do more with the content you own 
  • Increases operational efficiencies reducing time spent managing media 
  • Enables you to work from anywhere, bridging the gap between talent and content 
  • Provides a fantastic return on investment (ROI), not only saving money through increased efficiency and productivity but also enabling new opportunities to monetize existing content
  • Enables global collaboration and empowers creativity 
  • Non-proprietary formats ensure your content and metadata is portable and future-proof, meaning no more vendor lock-in
  • Digital content governance and cyber attack prevention ensure your assets and your customers’ content are protected at the highest levels possible
  • Limits disruption with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity, meaning work continues should outages occur
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